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Meet ISB’s After-School Native Language Teachers, Semester 2, 2018-2019

January 17th, 2019 · 1 Comment

Semester 2 is underway, and families are registering for activities including language classes. So who provides these classes? To find out, see this new page on the Native Language @ ISB Blog, which introduces our after-school educators.

Their bios include their top tips for maintaining native languages while at ISB!


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A series of short trailers from Patchwork Films

May 15th, 2017 · No Comments

Perspectives on bilingualism / language maintenance

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Mother tongues at school

February 14th, 2017 · No Comments

Don’t just speak English, teachers told

Thanks to Avery Udagawa for this article.

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Japanese after school mother tongue teacher

September 12th, 2016 · No Comments

(Japanese) Kazuyo Oshiro 2

みなさん初めまして。 After schoolの日本語クラスを担当する大城和世(Ms.Kazuyo Oshiro)と申します。通算で8年ほど日本語を教えています。

バイリンガルの二人の息子(11歳と14歳)を育ててますが、パパとの会話や学校内ではタイ語という環境で、いかに子どもたちの日本語を伸ばすか? 親の立場で日々試行錯誤しております。


Class Objective



もしもIB Japanese A(文学)を選択した場合、詩や長編小説を含めた文学作品を読み、課題をこなす必要があるため、日本語を使った下記のような能力が必要となります。








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Our new Danish teacher

August 17th, 2016 · No Comments


Jeg hedder Catrine. Jeg er uddannet dansklærer i 2013 og har siden da først undervist sårbare unge og derefter rejst rundt i verden med min rygsæk. Nu er jeg flyttet til Bangkok for at undervise i dansk. Jeg bevæger mig rundt på forskellige skoler, og i øjeblikket underviser jeg på ISB, Patana, ELC og NIST.
My name is Catrine. In 2013 I graduated as a Danish teacher and since then I have taught vulnerable children and traveled the world with my backpack. I’ve now moved to Bangkok to teach Danish. I go around to different schools and at the moment I teach at ISB, Patana, ELC and NIST.

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Meet the mother tongue teachers: Dutch

May 17th, 2016 · No Comments

foto Jo

Mijn naam is Jolanda Hofman en sinds 7 jaar geef ik Nederlandse les aan Nederlands/Vlaams-talige kinderen op zowel de ISB als de Patana school.
Daarvoor werkte ik als groepsleerkracht op een basisschool in Amsterdam.


My name is Jolanda Hofman and since 7 years I’m teaching Dutch as a home language at ISB and Bangkok Patana School. Before that I worked as a class teacher at a primary school in Amsterdam.

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Meet the mother tongue teachers: German

May 2nd, 2016 · No Comments


Ich heiße Michaela, bin aber unter dem Spitznamen Lena bekannt. Ich bin 32 Jahre alt und wurde in Bonn in Deutschland geboren.
Nach meiner Sekundarschulzeit machte ich eine Ausbildung zur Erzieherin und arbeitete in einer kleinen altersgemischen Gruppen einer Elterninitiative sowie in einer heilpädagogischen Einrichtung.
Um die Welt zu erkunden kehrte ich 2007 Deutschland den Rücken und arbeitete für eine Firma im Mittelmeerraum.  Im Januar 2009 reiste ich als Rucksacktourist nach Thailand und verliebte mich in das Land und seine Schönheit. Einige Monate später begann ich einen Job an einer internationalen Schule in Saraburi bis die Swiss School Bangkok mir eine Anstellung als Erzieherin in ihrer Primarstufe anbot und ich so nach Bangkok umzog.
Nun bin ich seit sieben Jahren hier, unterrichte Deutsch als Fremdsprache und Muttersprache für Schüler aller Altersgruppen und unterschiedlichem Sprachniveau und helfe ihnen bei den Hausaufgaben.
In meiner Freizeit verbringe ich gerne Zeit mit meinen beiden Hunden und kümmere mich um Rucksacktouristen, die in meinem Gästezimmer unterkommen. Fotografie ist meine Leidenschaft.
Deshalb reise ich viel und nutze jede Gelegenheit zu fotografieren.


My name is Michaela Thimm, known as Lena. I am 32 years old and was born in Bonn, Germany. After high school I have studied early childhood education and worked as a kindergarten teacher in different pre-schools and private institutions.

With the idea of exploring the world I left Germany in 2007 to work for a company around the Mediterranean Sea. In January 2009 I came to Thailand for leisure and fell in love with the country and its beauty. Soon after that I worked at an International school in Saraburi until Swiss School Bangkok offered me a position in their primary school department and so I moved to Bangkok. Being here since almost seven years, I teach German as a foreign language and mother tongue to students of all age groups and help them with their homework.

During my free time I like to be with my two dogs and host lots of travelers at my home. Travel photographing is my passion. Therefore I am always on a go for new photo opportunities and travel destinations.

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Meet the mother tongue teachers: Japanese

May 2nd, 2016 · 1 Comment

Miyuki Jessee




I’ve been teaching at ISB for six years.  It has been an exciting project for me to work on MT with children with diverse background even though they share the same mother tongue.  The opportunity to work on their MT while they are away from home country is very important and powerful experience for children not only for linguistic development of MT, but emotionally and to facilitate developing English proficiency as well.  It’s been great pleasure to witness very positive experiences among kids through MT classes.

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Looking back, looking forward

May 2nd, 2016 · No Comments

Supporting languages at ISB: the after school mother tongue program 2015-16

As our school year draws to a close it is a good opportunity to both reflect on what has developed in mother tongue support at ISB, as well as look forward to further growth in the future.

Currently we have 21 after school classes covering 8 language groups (Chinese, Danish, Dutch, French, German, Japanese, Korean and Swedish). In total we have 97 children participating in the program, the majority of whom are from the elementary school. The teachers we have employed are qualified, have appropriate clearance, and all receive the child protection training offered by the school.

Apart from the classes themselves, we have an ISB mother tongue blog ( which gives interested parents, teachers and community members the opportunity to explore the world of mother tongue maintenance and development; issues to do with the importance and benefits of bilingualism; brief snapshots of the classes in action; and biographies of the mother tongue teachers.

Other on-going projects commenced in Semester 2 include: a permanent mother tongue bulletin board outside the Elementary School Office where class activities are displayed on a rotating basis; the setting up of an Elementary School mother tongue special interest group; the development of a ‘Welcome to ISB’ video; the development of additional mother tongue classes in Middle School; and plans for the development of bilingual signage.

In a pleasing recent development, ISB is in negotiations with the educational group Danes Worldwide and NIST to formalize the teaching of Danish across a range of Bangkok schools based upon the ISB model. The involvement of the Danish-Thai Chamber of Commerce has been important in this development.

Looking to the future, there will be opportunities to explore how we might integrate mother tongue perspectives into our day-to-day school activities. We will also be looking to expand the number of languages we support, especially with some of the larger language communities.

In conclusion, I would like to thank the parents who have supported the program. Their contributions, in time, enthusiasm and financial support has allowed the program to flourish. Thanks also to Olga Steklova for her contributions – looking forward to more next year.

I would also like to recognize the efforts of our mother tongue teachers in the after school program. Without them we wouldn’t have a program. They have made strong connections with the children; designed interesting and engaging lessons; and showed great commitment, especially so in the case of those who travelled long distances to get here each week.


  • Ms Guofang Tang and Ms Jingji Zhang for Chinese;
  • Mr Christoffer Granhøj for Danish;
  • Ms Jolanda Hofman and Ms Nicole Spanjer for Dutch;
  • Mme Laurence Poyer for French;
  • Ms Michaela Thimm (Lena) for German;
  • Ms Miyuki Jessee for Japanese;
  • Ms Mi Ok Choi and Ms Jung Young-Ae for Korean: and
  • Ms Agneta de Bekassy for Swedish.



Paul Dufficy, May 2016

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Meet the mother tongue teachers: Danish

April 25th, 2016 · No Comments



Mit navn er Christoffer Granhøj, jeg er 27 år og jeg kommer fra Danmark. Jeg underviser i dansk på ISB. Jeg har siden september boet i Bangkok sammen med min kæreste, som også er dansklærer. Før jeg flyttede til Bangkok, har jeg boet i København i 6 år.

Sidste sommer færdiggjorde jeg min bachelor i Psykologi & Pædagogik og uddannelsesstudier.

Når jeg ikke arbejder, så kan jeg godt lide at spille fodbold, læse og at rejse.


My name is Christoffer Granhøj, I am 27 years old and I come from Denmark. I work as the Danish teacher at ISB. Since September I have been living in Thailand with my girlfriend who is also a Danish teacher.

Before I moved to Bangkok I  lived for 6 years in Copenhagen. Here I took my degree in Psychology and Educational Studies, which I finished last summer.

When I don’t work I like to play football, read or to travel.

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