Native Language @ ISB

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ISB Native Language Program Philosophy

We believe that…

  • Language is at the heart of human communication, thinking, and feeling
  • Language is a marker of identity and culture, helping us to make sense of ourselves, our perspectives and our world

  • It is our right to maintain our own language and be empowered to acquire other languages whenever possible (academic language of the school, and additional languages)
  • Multilingualism and multiculturalism are assets in our increasingly interconnected world
  • Native language learning benefits an individual’s emotional well-being, enhances academic success, and promotes the acquisition of additional languages

We believe that Native Language learning happens best when students:

  • Understand the nature of learning and how it connects across and between languages
  • Understand the concept of their own culture and how it compares/contrasts to other cultures
  • Display cultural sensitivity to diverse perspectives
  • Actively dialogue with others through effective listening, questioning, and responding
  • Use metacognitive skills to monitor and direct the process and product in pursuit of a goal
  • Engage with high cognitive, authentic, language-rich learning experiences
  • Are exposed to engaging, challenging and culturally inclusive practice
  • Have opportunities to access their native language during their learning in other classes, as appropriate to the task at hand
  • Experience a strong home-school partnership