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Translanguaging in the Classroom


The word translanguaging comes from the Welsh trawsiethu and refers to using more than one language for teaching and learning. ISB’s multilingual student body stands to benefit from translanguaging, so educators have been exploring it at several recent professional days.

Faculty study translanguaging at the All Staff Professional Day on November 15, 2019.

How might translanguaging look in an ISB classroom? This video by consultant Eowyn Crisfield offers a glimpse.

Crisfield has also published a journal article about translanguaging in international schools. 

What questions do you have about translanguaging?


  1. Great to see a conversation about this. Next step is to have a conversation about what the research tells us about the best way to support the Thai students literacy and overall Thai competency. Hint: it will involve teaching Thai literacy first with gradual move into English.

  2. I am very happy to find & read your blog. thanks for sharing this video, very useful for me. Thanks again for the insight

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