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Being a Second Language Learner

May 7th, 2019 · No Comments

How do multilingual students feel when struggling with a language? Embarrassed, shy, and sometimes “awful,” according to Yeonie, a grade 11 student who presented at TEDxYouth@ISBangkok 2019.

Drawing on her experience as a Korean speaker learning English at ISB for three years, Yeonie powerfully described going quiet and even changing her personality when switching from Korean to English. She offered seasoned advice to both language learners and their peers.

To language learners, she urged learning from mistakes and letting yourself “be a kid, be a child.” 

To native speakers of a language that others are learning, she urged respect, encouragement, and patience. “Wait for us.”

Yeonie, 잘 했습니다.

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TED Talks en français + en español!

April 3rd, 2019 · No Comments

Students in ISB’s MS Native French and Spanish classes recently prepared TED-style talks in their native languages.

As part of the unit Wellbeing and Health, the students researched the theme, wrote speeches, and presented in Chevron Theatre in front of a small audience. 
Teacher Maite Montero-Nahoum writes, “Students were investigating how health and wellbeing are connected to personal choices and decisions, and how cultural values may influence these choices and decisions.  Students also investigated what constitutes a healthy lifestyle and how it is influenced by one’s culture and environment . . . all cultures can provide healthy diets but not necessarily in the same way.”
Many of ISB’s values could be found onstage, as students demonstrated courage, commitment and responsibility. Well done!
Photo: MS Native Spanish students in Chevron Theatre.

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