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My name is Agneta Bekassy de Bekas. I was born in Sweden, graduated there and went to University studying “Ancient Life” and “Art history”. Moved to Switzerland, married and started a fashion business, imported garments from Thailand. Since 2007 I have been living in Bangkok with husband and daughter. Today my daughter is 21 and studying in Rotterdam, Netherlands. I have been teaching complimentary Swedish a couple of years now. Usually I have classes at ISB, NIST,Pattana and KIS. This term there were not enough students at Pattana to teach a class. I am not an educated teacher, but I know my language and Sweden’s culture and traditions.

My hobbies are; reading, music, cooking and writing. I am an active member in both SWEA (Swedish Women Educational Association) and IWC (International Women’s Club) there I’m on the board as program director. As I have an itch to write, I monthly contribute with articles to both the publications EXPAT LIFE and ScandAsia magazine.

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