Improve Audio Quality When Sharing Videos in Zoom

Sharing a video via screen share in Zoom always meant the students heard really bad audio.  

However, that problem is no more!



Upsize Content Interaction with Kahoot

Build powerful,  interactive lessons for students to complete individually or in teams.

Five Tools To Increase Online Interaction and Participation With Your Students

With the flurry of just surviving the transition to online schooling now behind us, now may be the time to step back and look for ways to spice up the virtual learning experience and the ways we interact with students.

Awesome Resulable Images

While you can use Google to find images you are welcome to reuse, other sites provide higher quality images instead.

Here are three top sites for free, reusable images.  Ranked by order of preference

1. Unsplash

Beautiful, user-submitted, photos for all kinds of things.  It functions as a way yfor photographers to get their work out there.

Check it out

2. FreePik

A nice site for finding icons, PSD files, and vectors.  

Check it out

3.  Pexels

Another photo-sharing site from amateur photographers.  My last go to choice if needed.

Check it out.

4. Google Image Search

If you are looking for something specific, that is not in those sites above, you can use Google free reuse search. Use this link to get started. Change the search from cookies to something you need.

Pro tip

Ever wanted to remove a background from a photo? does a great job for free.

Parlay Discussions Site

Increase, track, and encourage wider participation in online discussions.

Use Glue for Virtual Meetings

Enjoy seeing your classmates in a virtual world.

Using One Zoom Link For All Your Classes

Matt Kelly shows us how to use your personal ID to be the only zoom link you ever need!