Where To Find Your Zoom Cloud Recordings

Wondering where those Zoom cloud recordings landed?   This video shows you where to find them and how to link them.



Grab Parent and Student Emails in PowerSchool Pro

Need to get the most recent email list for your students and parents?
See K. Arintra’s tips below for pulling that information from PowerSchool Pro
1. First, log in to our Powerteacher Pro. Go to Class on the left-hand side menu, then select Email Class
2. Next, select your class and check the box ‘Student Email’ and/or ‘Parent/Guardian Email’ if you would like to email to the whole class.
3. Scroll down, and click ‘Build list’. All email addresses that you selected will appear in the box. Then, copy and paste the whole chunk to your gmail. Recommend to copy this to BCC to keep parent emails private. 

Creating Email Groups for Classes

Need a clean and easy way to email students by groups.  For example, emailing your math 7 students?   Google Contacts may be the solution for you.  This video explains how to pull students out of PowerSchool and import them into Google Contacts





Creating A Master Class with Sections

Currently, PowerSchool Learning creates a separate class for every section you teach.  This is true if, for example, even if you teach five sections of Math 9.   Instead of five separate sections, you have five separate classes. Each with their own content.

Very annoying.

We plan to have this fixed next time, but for now, this video will show you how to create a master class and then add sections to that class.

Be sure to make the classes you don’t need inactive so your students will know where to go.

Are You Using the Read/Write Chrome Extension?

Read/Write is an easy to use and powerful Chrome extension that supports all types of learners in the middle school.

Used in conjunction with Google Docs, Read/Write helps students with

  • Speech to text (they talk to the machines)
  • Text to speech (they hear the words spoken at various speeds)
  • Highlighting and organizing study materials
  • Word prediction
  • Picture and language based dictionaries

We have a site wide super license that students and teachers can use.  Most students already have the extension, but if they don’t, they can go to the Chrome web store and install it for free.

Check out the videos below for more information. The first one features ISB students and teachers. It was shot by a former ISB student.



How To Grab That YouTube Video and Download It


YouTube is a rich source for videos and I/we use it all the time for lessons at ISB.  Sometimes, though, I will go back later and that video is gone. Or maybe I am giving a presentation and can’t rely on the internet.

Fear no more, easy downloading is here.


  1. Head to your favorite YouTube video
  2. Add the letters “SS” in front of the “Y” in YouTube for the video you want to download
    1. Example:  https://www.SSyoutube.com/watch?v=6tdV8RF5_7g
  3. It will send you off to another site with a link to download it.
  4. Download it and life is good.

Note: the website is free and sends you to some junk websites for advertising purposes.  Just close and ignore them.