Improve Audio Quality When Sharing Videos in Zoom

Sharing a video via screen share in Zoom always meant the students heard really bad audio.  

However, that problem is no more!



Using One Zoom Link For All Your Classes

Matt Kelly shows us how to use your personal ID to be the only zoom link you ever need!

Using Zoom’s Reporting Feature

Steve Romary shows us how to see who is in our Zoom meetings and their level of engagement

Zoom Your Way to Better Student Meetups


Zoom is a popular and powerful service for communicating with students, parents and nearly anybody.  While Google Meet has its niceties, Zoom triples down with more features and ease of use.

Possible Uses

  • Meet up with your entire class and present to them
  • Have students use the “raise your hand” feature when they have a question.  Lets you get to them one at a time
  • Take advantage of the breakout rooms for small group discussions.  You can jump between those rooms as needed.
  • Record your session with students to allow for those that are not around at the moment.
  • Take advantage of the chat room to answer written questions on your own schedule
  • Share your screen and conductor a webinar from a slide show you have presented.
  • Use the virtual background so no one has to know you are hanging around at the beach!

Getting Started

  • Click on the link that Chad sent you so you will be in the ISB world
  • Login using your Google Account at school
  • Start a new meeting
  • Send the link to students
  • Enjoy!

See this detailed support guide for even more great features.

Video Support