Five Tools To Increase Online Interaction and Participation With Your Students

With the flurry of just surviving the transition to online schooling behind us, now may be the time to step back and look for ways to spice up the virtual learning experience and the ways we interact with students.

Join the fun as we explore interactive apps (ranked by learning curve) such as:

  1. FlipGrid: Easily enable students to exchange video messages with you and each other in a secure environment
  2. EdPuzzle: Make it easy for students to answer questions and generally interact with video content you find our make yourself.
  3. Wooclap: Enable participation and visual feedback from your students online or in class.
  4. Kahoot: Build powerful,  interactive lessons for students to complete individually or in teams.
  5. Parlay: Increase, track, and encourage wider participation in online discussions.

Additional, detailed support is provided online for each application and available after our session has concluded.


Ranked By Learning Curve