One of the great things about working in a library, there is always some group wanting to display their great work. We were lucky enough to get the MS Art classes to display some really beautiful works. The other great thing is that they not only created these works but then in coordination wiht the two art teachers and the library to install the art in a meaningful way. 

There has been no shortage of things at ISB, this week we not only had the great art coming into the library but we also had the Speech and Debate, as well as Forensics competitors for IASAS. It was good to see this individuals really giving their all. We were lucky enough to get to see these students and teachers really focused on some amazing ideas and work. 

It is just a great reminder of the wonderful students and teachers we have here at ISB. Along with these great events, we are seeing the number of students coming into the library to study, work, and just be humans together. Additionally, now we have the upstairs open for students to have a silent study space and/or the break out rooms for group study. While we still follow our social distancing and mask rules, yet the students are doing such a good job adhering to these rules. 

It was a great week in the library and ISB is a great place to be. Have a good weekend.

Your Friends in the Main Library.

Bell’s Recommendation

BOOK REVIEW! Circe by Madeline Miller

The gods of Titan and Olympus always make for good stories. Circe does not disappoint. In this book we follow Circe through her growth as well as hear about the others like Icarus, Prometheaus, Helios, and so many more. What makes this book better than the rest is the narrative. This is well written and really keeps you locked in as it connects all the stories we know and some we don’t know.