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We are happy to report that our Request a Book and Pick Up is working very smoothly.  We’ve already filled 47 requests in one week!  Thanks for following the program.   Additionally, the WONDERFUL ISB Buildings and Grounds staff has completed a ‘Deep Cleaning’ of the library including all AC Units, Tables and Chairs, as well as, carpet cleaning!  They are awesome! The library has also done another major order for our Sora App, which is our ebooks and audiobook platform for students as well as receiving a large order of physical books. Look on the Library Catalog to see the Recently Added Titles!  We hope that in the near future we will be back face-to-face, in the meantime take care and be safe.


  • The Book Club/Gathering scheduled for Jan. 28th had to be postponed, I will update when we get confirmation of allowing people on campus.
  • The HS Tedx Event has been postponed until late March
  • Grade 6 & 7 students began to research a topic of interest related to puberty such as acne, growth, body odor, etc. The students brainstormed a variety of broad topics and created a mind map to develop sub-topics and initial research questions.  Mrs. Kehe and Mrs. Alexander are co-teaching this unit via Zoom.


We are updating as fast as we can the Main Library website with information about checkouts and other resources.  Take a look if you need something at:  https://library.isb.ac.th/

BOOK RETURNS:  Bins will be out in front of the turnstiles by the panther – you can drop them off anytime.


  • Using the Library Catalog – find the book you would like (make sure to check if it is AVAILABLE). You will need the Title and Author.
  • STUDENTS Complete this Book Request Form
  • PARENTS Complete this Book Request Form.
  • Wait for an email confirmation
  • Pick up of Book Requests will be on Tuesdays and Thursdays


We are always accepting requests for New Print Books or Audio/eBooks (on Sora).  At the bottom of the Book Request Form, you can make a request for a new book to be purchased by the library.  If it is purchased we will email you to confirm and with the details.



  • VERY IMPORTANT: Make sure your Zoom App is updated and that when you sign in you are using the Google Sign On and not logging in with your email address (ISB Account Holders Only)
  • BigSur the Mac OS update came out last week.  PLEASE do not update yet as we are waiting to see if any issues arise. Also, it takes about 45 minutes to go through the process, so I would wait. 
  • Let me know if you are having any software issues: christob@isb.ac.th.  If you are having hardware issues, please contact: help@isb.ac.th


Adult ‘In the Woods’ ~ by Tana French

Into the Woods by Tana FrenchIt has been ages since if have read a gripping murder mystery and this ticked all the boxes:  page-turner, suspense, and a plot twist at the end. Set in a suburb outside of Dublin, a body of a 12-year-old girl is found near the last remnants of a neighboring wood, which is slowly been whittled away to make room for housing developments.  Partners Cassie and Ryan are assigned to the case, however, Ryan keeps secret the fact that he grew up in the neighboring estate 20 years ago. Those woods provided a magical playground for Ryan and his two closest friends while growing up.  One day children go missing and only Ryan is found in the woods with his shoes full of blood.  The other two children are never found and Ryan has no memory of what happened.  Regardless of this trauma, Detective Ryan pursues the killer restlessly.  This is an intelligent psychological thriller as well as the journey of a man haunted by the past. 


The Poppy War ~ by R.F. Kuang

This is the first in a series of books that have a little bit of everything. It is in the Fantasy Genre, however it could also be in the Historical Fiction about the Poopy Wars. It also has an amazing group of characters, especially our main character Rin. She is a peasant girl that earns her way into a coveted school. As she develops her skills there certain secrets come to light that make Rin aware of the fact that she is more than just a peasant girl.  She is strong and powerful. For someone like me Fantasy is a stretch, but this is GREAT!


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