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It has been an0ther amazing week at the ISB Main Library!  This week we saw the students complete their display of the TieDye works from Art Class.  Middle school students learned the method of creating TieDye and clearly the style of making TieDye artwork. They also learned to make folded paper style artwork. In the library we were not only lucky enough to host this art installation, but we also got to see the Teachers, the MAGICAL K. Neoy, the Art Instructional Assistant, and Students all working side by side to create this installation. It was truly an amazing thing to see. We are very proud to host this display that you can now see outside, inside, and in the Pit of the library until Songkran. You are encouraged to stop by to check it out. 

Additionally, they are seeking feedback and there is a desk set up where you can leave annonymous feedback. They would love to hear what you have to say about their artwork. We also hosted Parent Teacher Conferences in the library. In a year where it has really been ‘All Hands on Deck’, Mr. P, the Middle School Tech Coordinator, Ms. Kehe, and myself (Mr. Bell) have all taken on teaching roles for various classes. As a result, during this week of Parent Teacher Conferences, Thursday and Friday we saw an number of parents and students come to the Main Library for Conferences. It made the space that much more lively. 

Lastly, we as always are adding new books and we had some of our New Adult Books  come in and have them displayed onthe shelf in front of Mr. Bell’s Desk. That said, we also have an amazing display put together by the MS Library Council and our wonderful support staff in the Main Library focused on the changes throughout history. Books were selected for display based on an issue during a time period. The students had to do some research into the time and history, then pair it with a book from the library. It is another very cool display to checkout here in the Main Library. 


We hope you will stop by and check out the displays, pick up a book, and let us know what you think. So our ‘Good Problem’ is just so much going on at the ISB Main Library.  Have a great week ahead.

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BOOK REVIEW! Range by David Epstein

David Epstein creates and clears the important role that generalists play in finding answers. He explains the science behind not specializing and why it is so important that we actually broaden our experiences in what seems like an ever more specialized world. There is clearly research out there that shows that starting early or ‘The Tiger’ way is not always the best approach for all.