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Library and Tech Updates: June 4, 2021

This is the last of the Library and Tech Updates for the 2020-2021 School Year

It is the time of year where we like to look back and see how things went. This year has obviously been very different and substantially more difficult than in years past.  As we wrap up the school year, we always collect data and measure our performance as a library against the previous year. We have key areas we always seek to review.  In a year that was so on again off again, there were lots of things to consider:

  • We had students on campus for several months before going online
  • We had to limit access to the library for social distancing
  • We couldn’t do as many book talks as we did the first semester meaning we were unable to as we say ‘get books in students hands’ as easily

HOWEVER, we were still able to accomplish a tremendous amount in the Main Library:  

  • We encouraged reading via direct classroom support (joining zoom sessions and doing book talks) – this paid off as even though students were not on campus checkouts in almost every area were up this year. Fiction alone was up over 1000 books over the last year’s checkouts!
  • We worked with students at every grade level to incorporate research skills for students at ISB
  • We audited the research being taught at ISB and have a plan moving forward that will strengthen what already is a high level of performance
  • We added over 400 hand-selected and requested books
  • We more than doubled our Audio and eBook offerings
  • We made it possible for students, staff, and families to check out materials and drop off materials even in online school
  • We added Virtual Reality access to the library via rooms and curriculum 
  • We hosted a load of events in the library, including MUN, the school of the future, LGBTQ month, and much more 

All things considered, it was an amazing year in the library. We missed seeing the students’ faces every day, but we worked extra hard to make sure they knew we were here to provide services.  We take great pride in providing a quality product for our community and always welcome feedback.  Once we collect and collate all of the year’s data points we will release our summary report to the community.  Thank you to all those who visited and who we had the pleasure of helping this year. 

As a final reminder

Last week we released our summer reading program information.  We also did some curating of resources for what is called the ReCharge. This page is full of exciting activities and fun stuff to do over the summer. Maybe do some creative painting, learn to cook something new, maybe try some yoga, or many more ideas for keeping yourself busy.  Hopefully, you will take a chance, be courageous, and then let us know if you really enjoyed something. 

If you are looking for a challenge, join our Summer Reading Challenge! All you have to do is select books that either come from the Challenge Lists or books of your own interest and keep a log of what you have read. We will then celebrate different levels of achievement when we return to ISB in August! 

We went further this year to offer some Academic Extensions for summer. These are ways for you or your children to extend their learning over the summer. There are some recommended sites for taking online courses in just about every academic area.  This includes different language studies or something that might provide some remedial learning. Lastly, we also included a special Technology Section where there are some super cool opportunities for students in the summer. While travel is still obviously very difficult, doing some type of camp or internship might be possible.  

Thanks again.  Hopefully, you will have a relaxing summer.  We encourage you to get away from your screens, pick up a book, and simply relax. We look forward to next year and all of the exciting new things we can do to further the services we provide the ISB Community. 

Wishing you All the Very Best,

Your Library Staff