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Library and Tech Updates, Oct. 28, 2021

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Library and Tech Updates, Oct. 22, 2021

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Library and Tech Updates, Oct. 8, 2021

Strengthening Our Voices

In ‘Library School’ we always learn and are encouraged to protect the freedom of speech.  I think we do a pretty good job at ISB.  In the Main Library, we always try to be balanced in the things we support and advertising.  That being said, there is always room to improve.  We continue to search for books with diverse characters, ideas, and messages.  While we don’t expect everyone to listen to everything everyone has to say, tolerance is the bigger message.  An example of this is, that we may not agree with all the books on our shelves in our library personally, however, we do make sure we are fair in filling requests. 

In the United States, libraries have always been considered a place of freedom.  Even public libraries are an extension of that by offering books to all and providing spaces, and training for varied groups. Oftentimes, you will find them promoting a cause, a site for voting, or even a launch point for a protest. They are public spaces and protect the first amendment rights of all Americans.  

To that end, Ms. Kehe this week shared with me a source I had not seen called Newsueumed.org.  This is a site sponsored by FreedomForum.  A group whose mission is to protect all of the First Amendment Rights. Again while we do not agree with everything that this organization or their site promotes, we really did like the news idea.  They have taken a bunch of newspaper articles from the United States where the freedom of speech has been challenged and offer the article up for you to make your own decision.  Here is a link to their site where they bring together information, articles, and videos that challenge the freedom of speech.  


Requests for Books, if you are Off-Campus, is Still Available

A reminder is that parents are welcome to check out books too. Our system for checking out books is still available through our Request a Book Form and the books are then processed and put out front for you to pick up.  


Bell’s Book Recommendation:

Breath by James Nestor 

Thought it had been a while since I recommended a Non-Fiction book so here goes.  I have been reading about how important our breath is for life.  While the easy answer is, without air we die, how we breathe is also very important.  This book by James Nestor digs into the ways we do and don’t breathe all the way back to our early cave-dwelling ancestors.  Interestingly the way we breathe can reshape our mouth and nasal passages.  I liked this book because as I was reading I found myself trying the breathing techniques and noticed some really interesting differences in myself. It also helped make me aware of my own breath and how important it is as well as how we can leverage it to help us deal with life.  A great read and something for the beach for sure. 


Have a great break everyone.

The Library Staff

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Library and Tech News, Oct. 1, 2021

What a Feeling!

As we welcomed back students on Wednesday this week, it was so refreshing to have students and energy back in the Main Library. The new steps for coming into the library slow things down a little bit, however, everyone was really patient and did a great job adapting.  As per the regulations in place for opening, we have to scan an ID, and then visitors can pick a spot to sit and work.  And work they did.  While the students were obviously happy to see each other and catch up, it was clear that they were ready to get back to being students.

It was a really good reminder of how important the library is to everyone. We had teachers in getting resources, classes of students coming in, and even the Librarians had classes. It was great!  One thing that surprised most of the students was that we did a lot of work over the summer reorganizing and moving things so they would be easier to find and create more space. In asking students, they really appreciated the new design and it made it seem like there was more room to spread out. 

Just a couple of reminders this week. Please do come to the library, you can browse books and work.  Our wonderful Buildings and Grounds team comes in very regularly to disinfect things.  To help them out we ask that everyone wipes down their spaces before they leave. Otherwise, we need to keep our masks on and distance ourselves.

We welcomed new families in on Tuesday this week as they toured around the school for the first time. A reminder is that parents are welcome to check out books too. Our system for checking out books is still available through our Request a Book Form and the books are then processed and put out front for you to pick up.  


New Additions!

While all of the wonderful Library Staff is back it was also really great to have the new Middle School Technology Coordinator, Wesley Przybylski (Mr. P) join us in the library.  Now, whether you or your child are in Middle School or High School you can now get tech help in the Main Library. He is coming to us from the American School in Japan.  He is also teaching the MS Coding classes this year.  His office is located near the stairs and he is full of energy so stop by and say ‘Hi’!


Media Studies and Yearbook

We also are hosting the Media Studies and Yearbook classes in the Main Library.  Mr. Jared Hines is teaching the Yearbook Class this year. He is one of our Annual Supply Teachers.  We also have Ms. Harrison-Denby teaching the Media Studies classes. 




Bell’s Book Recommendation:

The BeeKeeper of Aleppo by Christy Lefteri

A book that gives you a first-person account of what it must be like for the refugees of the Syrian conflict. We learn how dangerous it is for every living thing, even the bees. We also learn about what it means to be a refugee and what lengths a person must go through to survive. We follow one man and his family as they try to escape a truly horrible situation. This is a beautifully written book, it is visceral, real, and at times scary.