It’s always a great day in the Main Library!

It has been a good week in the library.  All week the seniors have been diligently studying, working together, and basically being great students as they do a bit of last-minute cramming for exams. Something that isn’t lost on the library staff, is what a great model these seniors are for your younger students. The middle school students have been in getting books for summer.  As they come into the library they can see how hard the seniors are working and it shows them the level of commitment that the seniors are giving to their studies.  

Also in the Main Library, we have a TV up front as you walk in with a looping video of work that the Middle school students did in their Social Studies class.  Shout out to Ms. Voigt as her students conducted interviews with people who have for various reasons moved and had to embrace a foreign culture.  This was such a great topic for students at an international school to be examining closely.  They then produced videos of their interviews with storylines and images. They even invited several of us into the classroom to meet one on one with students to have them discuss their videos and polish them up for publication.

Alongside all of these things happening is the day-to-day hustle and bustle.  It feels like we are almost back to normal (even though we are still socially distancing and wearing masks) in the library.  Lastly, we got the other half of our book order in and it is EXCITING!  There are some really great books for everyone.  Below is a picture of the adult books I am processing for high school and the middle school books Ms. Kehe is processing.  It’s always a great day in the Main Library!

Bell’s Recommendation

BOOK REVIEW! The Lost Apothocary by Sarah Penner

In a time long ago, the apothecary (or pharmacy) was a place people went looking for respite from their ailments. Our story begins here, where a kind woman provides others with remedies made of herbs, barks, and in some cases insects. As time goes on, the apothecary is forced to take on a different role.  This new role leads to still helping people, primarily women, with problems, except the problems, now are typically women who have been wronged by their loved ones.  It is a strange story and a bit of mystery that jumps from the 1700s to the current time period with the apothecary as a single thread. This is a great read.