Our AWESOME Library!

Yesterday we held the inaugural Parent Book Club meeting. While it was a small group it was so nice to sit down with parents in a social setting to discuss a book.  Funny enough, many didn’t get their homework done (reading the book Cloud Cuckoo Land). In their defense, it is a long book. It was selected as the first title because many of the teachers here at ISB have read this one and it is one that will be read by HL students next year.  We are going to try and have these more often so keep your eyes out for the next meeting.

Also in the library right now, we have prioritized space for our Seniors as they are taking their exams. It is a stressful time for them but one where we feel like we are offering some comfort.  They have access to silent workspaces and large rooms for group study.  The students have been super appreciative and are working very hard.  Additionally, our middle school students have been so good this week about keeping the noise levels down to allow those seniors some quiet study space.  Lastly, we are now staffing the library on Saturdays from 10am – 2pm.  Students can come in and find a quiet place to work in the A/C.

This is also the time of year when we are working hard to analyze our collection and set an order for new books that will arrive over the summer.  It is busy for us, yet enjoyable as we are diving deep into a lot of the new books that came out this year.  It is fun to look at the New York Times, The Tournament of Books, School Library Journal, and all the different award winners.  There are loads of other recommendation services we use but if you have one in your mind, don’t hesitate to recommend it to Ms. Kehe (Melindak@isb.ac.th) or Me (christob@isb.ac.th).  We always consider recommendations, we can’t always get them all but we do take a look and see if they fit our selection policy. As it works out we also finally received an order we had been waiting on for the end of the school year and they are ready to go out today!!  Below are some of our favorites.


Digital Citizenship Content

iKeepSafeThere are never enough chances to ‘fix’ our online reputation. Once we post those stupid pictures, or friends do, they are out there forever. We need to help students be thoughtful about their digital reputation and Google is trying to help. Their iKeepSafe site is full of really great resources. The best is their stuff on Managing your Digital Reputation. Take a moment to review their recommendations and then have a discussion with your child. Check out Google’s iKeepSafe site.

Bell’s Recommendation

Dear Child by Romy Hausman

Looking for a scare, all too real book to shake things up? Whoa… This is it.  This is a new book from a German author and it is translated to English.  Lena main character is a sharp as a whip young girl who starts the story with some stories that sound like she has a wonderful family and brother.  It is clear that something happened to the mother.  As the story develops it goes from a little weird to totally creepy.  This one will make your head spin thinking about what might be happening and you must get to the end to see what happens. Read Dear Child.