Reading as a Stress Reliever

I’ve discussed before the role reading can play in regards to stress relief. Sometimes it is really easy to assume, ‘he’s the librarian so he needs to be making recommendations to read, blah, blah, blah.’  However, just yesterday I was reminded of this fact at the gym.  I was there and if I am honest I have been a bit stressed out. I was lucky enough to run into a friend, and she saw I was checking out a new book on my audiobook platform, Sora. Remember at ISB we use Sora for our ebooks and audiobooks.  I explained how during the monotonous time on the treadmill I love listening to a story.  We then talked about new books for a bit and then got to our individual workouts.  It was a moment where I personally realized the stress relief listening or even talking about reading. 
I bring this up for two reasons. Right now many of the students, grades 9-11, might be experiencing some real stress around exam prep or end-of-the-year tests. It would be a great time to recommend they take a break and either read or talk about something they are reading. This is a non-confrontational type of discussion and it might give you insight into how your child is doing with their stress at this time. I recommended The Last Apothecary to the students this week and below I am recommending the Lions of Fifth Avenue for you. These might be good places to begin. 
If you need further recommendations let me or Ms. Kehe know and we can help. 

Expanded Hours for Exams

We announced a few weeks back now that during Exams we would extend the library hours for Saturday. We’ve tried this in the past and the number of students coming to the library has not warranted the costs associated. However, during Senior exams the last two weeks, we have seen a good uptick in the number of students using this time in the library.  As a result, we are continuing these extended hours for our grade 9-11 students this week and next as they have exams.  The hours for the Main Library are:
  • 6:45am – 5:00pm Monday- Thursday 
  • 6:45am – 4:30pm Friday 
  • 10:00am – 2:00pm Saturday 

Good luck and have a wonderful weekend. 

Your Friends at

The Main Library

Bell’s Recommendation

BOOK REVIEW! The Lions of Fifth Avenue – by Fiona Davis

What is it like working behind the scenes of one of the world’s largest libraries? As a librarian, this book was one I was excited to read. It gets at some of the politics, issues, and downsides of working at a massive library. You also get a very deep look into how certain libraries work, especially Research Libraries where much of the material is not available for checkout. Along with that story, you also get to see the perspective of a young wife who struggles to find her place in the world outside being a mother. This is a struggle many people face as they change roles over the course of their lives. This is another story that begins in one time period and shifts to a later one giving a deeper look at Laura, our narrator and main character’s, unique linkage to the New York Public Library. A fun and exciting book to read.