The Routine

In our third year of COVID, it is really nice to see us getting some of our routines back in place. Students are in using the library en mass and we are hosting work (see last week’s message). We have research going on this week and next with Middle and High School students. All exciting things to have happening in the library.

A reminder is that parents can check out books at the library as well. You can make an appointment through the current system to visit campus or you can write Ms. Kehe ( or myself ( to request books. We can get them packed up and put out front for pick up if that works for you. 

Bell’s Recommendation

BOOK REVIEW! AI 2041 by Chen Qiufan

This is just the right mix of nonfiction and fiction. Qiufan attempts to use AI as a predictor of the future, if we let it happen. Spoiler, we could have an amazing future if we follow Qiufan’s suggestions. Many of the stories of this book take very complex ideas about Artificail inteligence and explain it ways that everyone can understand in the vain of a Malcom Gladwell book. The fictional stories that demonstrate the prediction really at clarity to the impacts of AI. A fun read that really is a page turner.