2019 Presenters

January 19th, 2019 at 6:30pm in the Cultural Center Theater (CCT)

The 7th Annual ISB TEDx Youth@ISBangkok presents eight speakers that will make you think and want you to become a “Catalyst for Change.” 170 students delivered presentations as part of the curriculum in their English course.  Of those, eight were chosen through a combination of peer selection, performance quality and teacher approval. 

Emcee’s for the night: Nolie Giles and Thomas Bulow.


2019 TEDx Youth@ISBangkok Presenters

Madison Mehta 
Environmental Ignorance

Bio: Madison is a 16 year-old junior who was born in the U.S. and now attends International School Bangkok. She is greatly interested in advocating for others through the spoken word. She takes part in numerous service programs and has started her own – Harvesting Hope. This group works to support local Thai farmers and promotes sustainability. Madison loves being a member of an international community and feels it is always important to give back.

Talk Summary:
Evidence of environmental decay in our community is not something that requires active search. The frightening reality of the situation that we are faced with is that there is a point of no return. What stops us from doing anything about it? This talk explores our inherent ignorance based off our fear, inability to look to the future, and bystanderism. Once the root of the problem is explained, step-by-step solutions are introduced to counteract one’s natural response towards the natural world. We need to start now.

Craig Dawe
Imitation: the Most Sincere Form of Apathy

Bio: Craig Dawe is a 16 year old junior studying at International School Bangkok. He has spent most of his life living in Thailand with Filipino and American parents. In his free time, he enjoys watching movies and sports, and plans on pursuing a career in filmmaking or writing. Some of his favorite filmmakers include David Lynch, PT Anderson, Paul Schrader and Terrence Malick. 

Talk Summary:
We are often told to be ourselves, and to not care about what others think or do. However, this is something we seldom act on. This talk explores how one’s individuality is often undermined by an inherent tendency to conform and laziness. It also emphasizes how this problem is deeply embedded in one’s life, and can thus have enormous implications. Ultimately, the talk encourages audience members to embrace the struggles associated with freedom and individuality.

Fizza Mobin
Mental Health Awareness

Bio: Fizza is a 17 year old student studying at the International School Bangkok. Originally from Pakistan, Fizza has loved being an international student having lived in many countries across the globe. The diverse range of cultures she has had the opportunity to immerse herself into is something that has shaped her into who she is today, and has become a significant part of her identity that she is proud of

Talk Summary:
Mental health, something we all possess, yet misuse, mistreat and misunderstand. We think that by preventing our children from learning about the basis of mental health disorders in their youth, that we are doing them a favor, for we have granted them an unblemished childhood. The harsh reality is that we end up preparing our children for nothing, and leave them in a state of perplexity, because they are unaware of how to take care of their own mental health. This talk divulges a simple solution to this predicament: increasing media representation (through TV shows and movies) of characters exhibiting symptoms of mental health disorders. This will help our children see that discussions regarding mental health disorders should not be restricted, because they affect so many of us, even our role models, and it is important to know how to nurture and respect our mental health at an earlier stage in life.

Seongyeon (Yeonie) Heo
Being a Second Language Learner

Bio: Yeonie Heo is a 16 year old junior at International School Bangkok. It has been 3 years now since she moved to Thailand from Korea. The past years were sometimes tough and challenging for her. There were several up and downs getting used to the culture and studies here in an international school

Talk Summary:
In this global world, it is easy to meet multilingual speakers. Multilingual speakers are not people who are absolutely fluent or almost like a native in multiple-languages but they are learners of other languages. This talk explores how second language learners truly feel and think when finding limitations in their second (or other) languages. It further emphasizes the importance of having the courage to make mistakes and learn and improve based on their own experiences. It also asks native speakers to understand the experience of language learners.

Xuan Fan Loo
Teenage Rebellion: It’s a Spectrum

Bio: Xuan Fan Loo is a 16 year old junior at International School Bangkok. She has lived in Thailand for the past 9 years and has been studying at ISB since the first grade. She was born in Malaysia in a family of 5 with two sisters. Alongside her involvement in sports, on weekends, she enjoys socializing with friends

Talk Summary:
Must an authentic teenage experience be associated with promiscuity? Must a teenager be rebellious to qualify as a true teenager? Through the discussion of the spectrum of teenage behavior, this talk explores the misconception of the norm of teenage rebellion as regarded by society, as well as its’ psychological causes. It strives to describe the diversity in teenage behavior in an attempt to convince society to accept teenagers for who they choose to be.

Montawan (Nae Nae) Chairatchaneeboon
Benefits of Community Service

Bio: Montawan (Nae Nae) Chairatchaneeboon is a 16-year-old junior at International School Bangkok. She is actively engaged in leading many service clubs and activities in the community, including English Service Project, Habitat For Humanity, and Prosthetics Project. She is also involved in the ISB Service Fund, Technology Council, and Choir. She strongly believes in the importance of enriching her local community and aims to encourage others to see the benefits of community service

Talk Summary:
Our society often focuses the benefits of community service on those who receive, more than those who give. Through contributing countless of hours improving the lives of others, Nae Nae has discovered the benefits of doing community service that are often overlooked. Her talk emphasizes how making community service a graduation requirement has enabled students to discover their passions. She aims to convey the message that successfully implementing a service action plan has the power to change everyone’s life for the better—both those who give, and those who receive.

Tatarit (Mod) Yensuang 
Is Our Reality Just a Simulation?

Bio: Tatarit (Mod) Yensuang is a 16-year-old junior studying at International School Bangkok. Alongside his leadership and engagement in many school clubs and activities, such as the Student Communications Group, Make a Difference club, and Giving Hands Project, he is also in lead of several tech-oriented clubs at ISB, including Initiative Technology, Software Development club, as well as the Technology Council due to his profound interest in technology and the significant impacts it has on our modern world

Talk Summary:
In a world where our technological progress is continually multiplying at a pace we cannot predict, it is difficult to tell where our future is heading. In a span of just a few years, our technology now enables us to simulate complex worlds that are nearly impossible to distinguish from reality. What would these simulations be like in 50 years? 500 years? Could it be possible that someone, somewhere in the future has created a simulation that is our very own reality? This talk explores the possibility that we are living in a simulation created by a much more advanced civilization, but more importantly, whether it matters to us at all.

Anatta Tantiwonse
The Case for Reading

Bio: Anatta Tantiwongse is currently a 16 year old international school junior, and the daughter of a German mother and Thai father. She was born and raised across various regions of Thailand, and began attending ISB as a fourth grader. Besides an extracurricular passion for dance and gymnastics, Anatta enjoys spending her albeit increasingly limited spare time reading, in pursuit of her aspirations to eventually become a librarian, archivist or curator.

Talk Summary:
In our world today, the relevance of reading as a pastime continues to fade, as it is increasingly perceived as a purely utilitarian skill. Through an exploration of our past literary experiences, this talk revisits the value of reading to enriching our lives in a manner extending far beyond the literal; even embodying some of our most distinctly human characteristics. Hopefully, audiences will realise just how much we have already learned from reading, and how much remains to be gained by continuing to do so.

2018 Presenters!

The task was to deliver a presentation that was both meaningful and rich.  Their theme, as is the theme of this TEDx event is, “A Catalyst for Change”.  170 students delivered presentations as part of the curriculum in their English course.  Of those, 10 were chosen through a combination of peer selection, performance quality and the teacher approval. 

Hope you enjoy the evening.

MC’s for the night: Sydney Segura and Dalton Lazich



Sydney: Hello All! My name is Sydney Segura and I am a seventeen year old American student here at ISB.  Just last week marked one year that I have lived here in Thailand with my family.  I first moved overseas when I was thirteen years old, and traveling has quickly become a passion of mine.  Other passions of mine include soccer, art, reading, and spending time with my family (especially my dog Henry!).  A personal goal of mine recently was to get past my fear of public speaking, and tonight is the test…fingers crossed! 

Dalton: My name is Dalton Lazich. I’m a 16 year old and am in the 11th grade student at ISB. I moved to Thailand for my freshmen year and I have loved being here. I do cross country, basketball, and track. Some of my hobbies include running, traveling, and obviously MCing Ted Talk events.

Name: Pawarisa (Pancake) Hetrakul

Title: Be Yourself

PancakeBio: Pawarisa (Pancake) Hetrakul is a Thai 17 years old, who is currently a Junior at International School Bangkok. At school, she is involved in outdoor athletics, including varsity football and tennis. In her free time, she enjoys dancing and taking photos. She aims to convey the positive and negative aspects of collectivistic society to Thai people.  


Growing up in Thailand, I have learned to conform to the expectations and societal norms. As a result, I struggle with what it actually means to “be yourself”. The idea of collectivism is rarely discussed in Thailand, but as I have moved from a Thai school to an International school, I have learned to see the difference in people with individualistic traits and collectivistic traits. 


Name: Anna Stanley

Title of talk: Poetry Matters


Bio: I’m Anna Stanley and I am 16 years of age. I come from both England and Serbia, but I’ve lived in Thailand for a large part of my life. I thoroughly enjoy films, (my favorite being- “The Perks Of Being A Wallflower”), reading, writing and exploring criminology. I also get very attached to books and sitcoms such as, “That 70’s show.” I am an aspiring screenwriter and poet, driven by the study of film and English.

 Blurb: For as I long as I can imagine, I’ve always felt passionate and moved by poetry. Its changed my life by giving me purpose, a sense of belonging as well as a platform for self-expression. I believe that in today’s modern society, poetry is under-appreciated or disregarded. My main intention in this oration is to convey that poetry should be nurtured and understood, as it can effectively articulate all aspects of the human condition.

Name: JeHyuk (Jerry) Cho

Title: Are AIs posing a threat to humanity? 

JerryBio: JeHyuk Jerry Cho is a junior at the International School Bangkok. With a passion for technology, science, and mathematics, he is part of the HS Tech Club, ISB Tech Council, and has participated in math competitions. Jerry also enjoys public speech, shown through his performance at the World Scholars Cup events. He thinks this TED Talk is a perfect chance to merge his two passions together. 

Blurb: Jerry’s TED Talk discusses three reasons why AIs could potentially be dangerous. Unlike the popular trend of embracing the new technological advancement, Jerry offers an iconoclastic perspective on AIs. Instead of giving a concrete solution to the asserted problems, the author concludes the essay with a suggestion. 

Name: Tee Monsereenusorn

Title:  The Emotional Language of Music



Bio:  Hi, I’m a 17-year-old Thai student currently spending my tenth year at the International School of Bangkok. I have an immense passion for music, having played the piano and the saxophone since the ages of 6 and 11. I also currently perform with the high school jazz band as the lead saxophonist. In my spare time, I participate in a variety of sports including swimming and badminton and enjoy listening to jazz music.

Blurb:  Music is a powerful language that we were all born with, yet often overlooked as nothing more than a simple pastime. In reality, music holds the ability to portray elaborate stories filled with complex emotions. In my talk, I outline many different ways in which music can be used to benefit our everyday lives, whether it is using music for therapy, to enhance performance, or as a way to express ourselves.

 Name: Nikki Ling

Title – Quiet Confidence: Follow the Introverted Leader


Bio: Nikki is a 17 year old Australian. She was born in Texas, and from there, moved to China, South Korea, and now Thailand. When she’s not snuggled in bed reading, you can find her playing the piano or making DIY crafts. She strongly believes that everyone has the capability to lead and inspire others. 

Blurb: Our society today perceives leaders to be the most charismatic and sociable people. However, not many recognise that introverts are also extremely effective leaders that can influence others. They can become the quiet leaders of our world. This talk encourages all to stop pushing the idea that in order to be a successful leader, a person must possess the qualities of an extrovert

Name: David Lim

Title: Why The Arts is more important than you think

David Lim

Bio:  David moved to Thailand when he was four, and has attended ISB for twelve years. Throughout this time, music has always been an important part in David’s life. He has been a Cultural Convention delegate for the past three years, in which he was grown both personally and musically. David would like to take this chance to remind his peers of the numerous benefits that the arts can offer.

Blurb:  ISB is a school that prides itself of its balanced support for the arts, the athletics and the academics. Unfortunately, we as a student body do not share this concept. Countless research has proven that the arts can help us develop skills that are coveted in the workforce. To achieve success in the future, students should take advantage of the opportunities that are provided for us by the arts program.

Name: Lulu Schmitt

Title: Suicide: Let’s talk about it in the RIGHT way

 Lulu Schmidt

Bio: Hi my name is Lulu Schmitt!  I’m 16 years old and I’ve been going to ISB since Kindergarten.  Although I am German I don’t really consider Germany my home since I was born in Singapore and was brought up in Thailand.    I speak several languages including German and French.  At school, I’m involved in various activities including Volleyball, Badminton, ESP and Helping Paws.

Blurb: Over these past years the taboo surrounding suicide has lessened.  We have started to initiate conversations about suicide, however, sometimes the media’s discussions may be harmful to us.  My talk addresses a TV show, 13 Reasons Why, to show how it is an example of how the media needs to be more careful.  We must continue talking about suicide, but the media needs to change the language and imagery used in their conversations.  

Name: Kohei Yasui

New Title: Net Neutrality and Internet Freedom


Bio: Kohei is a 16 year old and a junior at International School Bangkok. He is native Japanese but has lived in New York, USA for 8 years before moving to Thailand in 2014. His first language is Japanese but is more fluent in English. He’s loved using the internet and playing video games throughout his childhood. 

Blurb: The internet is one of the inventions by mankind that has dominated today’s society. The internet is a free and open platform for all people to experience to the fullest extent. Freedom on the internet is key to grow as a society. This is why the recent movement in the United States that aims to repeal Net Neutrality, a principle that supports an open web, is dangerous. The purpose of this presentation is to express that people need to show the true nature of how dangerous this can be to society and why a bigger movement is necessary. 

Name:  Alina Chan

Title: The Power of Yes


Bio:  Alina Chan is a 16 year-old, who was born in Bangkok, Thailand and is currently studying at the International School of Bangkok (ISB). She enjoys travelling, taking photos, laughing and playing tennis. She loves to spend time with family members and friends during the holidays and is always looking forward to new experiences with them.

Blurb:  Some of us in this world who are struggling to “Say Yes”, “Step out of our comfort zones” and to “not be afraid of making mistakes”, are probably tired of hearing these cliche phrases, so they might only hear to that one sentence, and shut their ears from listening to the explanation. That was the case for Alina, but through her experiences, she was able to finally open up her ears and say ‘Yes”. In which Alina will give light to those who are still struggling with this issue, and hopefully open up their ears to finally and truly understand, “The Power of Yes”.

 Name: Poon Singhatiraj

Title: The Art of Good Political Discourse


Bio: Poon Singhatiraj is currently a Junior at the International School of Bangkok. His favorite classes include History and Geography. After living in the U.S. for seven years, he has come to enjoy learning about American politics and global affairs in general. In his spare time, he enjoys playing badminton, discussing world issues, and spending time with his cat.

Blurb: In a world filled with passionate political opinions, people are bound to clash with one another. But why does this happen? What are the catalysts for such division to occur? These problems are harmful to progress, and it is important to ask ourselves these questions in order to find solutions to bridge this gap.

2017 Presenters


The task was to deliver a presentation that was both meaningful and rich.  Their theme, as is the theme of this TEDx event is, “A Catalyst for Change”.  170 students delivered presentations as part of the curriculum in their English course.  Of those, 10 were chosen through a combination of peer selection, performance quality and the teacher approval. 

Hope you enjoy the evening.



MC’s for the night: Grace Armstrong and Binvant Broca

Grace’s life aspirations include being a successful neuroscientist, perfecting her nail polish art, mastering Sweet Child O’ Mine on the electric guitar, becoming a Broadway star, traveling internationally for a living, reaching fame as a singer/songwriter, finding the perfect ballpoint pen, owning the popular fast food chain Chipotle, speaking fluently in over 3 languages, and setting the Guinness World Record for highest number of Rubik’s cubes solved in one minute blindfolded.

Binvant is a 17 year old 11th grade student at ISB. Prior to living in Bangkok, he lived in Rome, Italy, and New Delhi, India. Outside of class, he enjoys playing the saxophone and the piano, as well as taking part in the Model United Nations team at ISB.


jisoo Jisoo Yoon

Title – Delta World: How to Make a Change

Jisoo Yoon is a junior at the International School Bangkok. Her favorite place to be is fifty pages deep in a good book, or onstage at a choir festival. Jisoo believes most strongly in human compassion.

Feminazi. The race card. Social justice warrior. Opinionated arguments have grown stale and any mention of injustice is met with an eye-roll. Still, around the world and in our neighborhoods remain injustices that must be fought against, this time more strategically. Jisoo inspires disheartened global citizens to speak up and explores the steps to impactful activism.


ezzEzzeldin Ibrahim

Title – Why does Media Portray Arabs and Muslims as Terrorists?

Ezzeldin Ibrahim (17) is an Egyptian student who joined ISB in 2013. He is a strong advocate for Arab and Muslim people and their rights. Ezz has recently joined the Middle East club to raise funds for the Syrian refugees.

The media often misrepresents Arabs and Muslims as terrorists. In this TEDx talk, Ezz tries to represent the beliefs of the majority of Arabs, dispelling some of the negative labels that the media has often created.

nicoNicolas Young Robles

Title – The Importance Technology in the Educational Environment

Nicolas Young Robles is a Colombian student that has always been passionate about technology and its integration into education. He actively works with The International School of Bangkok’s High School Technology Club to provide less fortunate schools and organisations with access technology.

As our world moves ever forward into the information age, technology becomes more beneficial and even essential in schools. Despite this, there hasn’t been a strong effort to provide the underdeveloped societies with reliable technology programs. This Ted talk aims to analyze the effects of technology and provide one possible solution to this crisis.

milindMilind Gandhi

Title – Learning my Mother’s Mother Tongue

Milind Gandhi is a Thai-Indian who has been a student at ISB since kindergarten. As he has spent the majority of his life only speaking in English and Thai, he wishes to finally learn Hindi and is curious about the benefits me would receive by speaking a language that is closer to his heritage. As he realizes that he is in the same situation as many others, he wishes to share his experiences and knowledge regarding mother tongue.

Nowadays, it is very common to find millennials all around the world losing the connection they have to their native tongues and home cultures. However, numerous benefits of maintaining this vital bond to home have linked to emotional wellbeing, academic development, and more. Discover the true importance of staying connected to your mother tongue and methods of incorporating it more into your everyday life.

eladElad Schulman

Title – Periods: Let’s Talk About It

Elad Schulman is a student at International School Bangkok. Elad has a passion for English and bad chemistry puns. Though originally from Israel, she has lived her whole life abroad in the United States and Thailand.

For thousands of years, women have been dealing with menstruation, a process that is completely natural. Yet, menstruation is not portrayed as something to be celebrated, or even talked about, and is instead avoided being mentioned. This talk aims to begin to normalize the discussion that is long overdue.

el-ly El-ly Namatinia

Title – The Inadequate Answers to the Definition of Art

El-ly Namatinia is a 16 year old Israeli student whose appreciation for creating and studying art began in the third grade when she came across a poster of Vincent Van Gogh’s “Sunflowers”. Aside from being an art admirer, El-ly is also an avid Debater, advocate for Human Rights, and film enthusiast. Her love for philosophy helped fuel this TEDx Talk in order to question the narrow foundations of what we consider art.

What is art, what makes it good or bad and who decides? These three subjective questions followed by an abundance of ambiguous answers might tell us more about ourselves than we may think. This TEDx Talk explores how throughout history, challenges to the artistic status quo have changed our understanding of art, and the importance for each individual to stand against complacency and continue to question the status quo as a whole.

alaina Alaina Pinvises

Title – Subtle changes. Profound impacts.

Alaina is a Thai American 16 year old who attends the International School Bangkok. With a passion for the outdoors and athletics, including Varsity Volleyball and Track and Field. She is currently president of Operation Smile and one day strives to be an intellectual property lawyer.

People have often wondered where they have developed certain habits or characteristics. This talk explores the importance of a good environment and how we influence each other’s decisions. Discover how much of your personality today can be determined by the people you are surrounding yourself with.

janitaJanita Luanpolcharoenchai

Title – Narcissism as a Toolbox

Janita is currently a 16 year old student at the International School Bangkok. Though from Thailand, she has lived in multiple countries in Asia, Europe, and North America, and dreams that this list will grow with time. She’s a big believer of the power of little things, and hopes others are so too.

Though often awarded to the current youngest generation, narcissistic traits have been evident in society for hundreds of years- so why not learn to embrace some of it? Though a conversation with her younger self, Janita explores the possible effects of narcissism on oneself and thus, the rest of the world.

hyugaHyuga Tsukamoto

Title – The Power of Singing

Hyuga Tsukamoto is a Japanese 17 years old student at International School Bangkok. Hyuga has spent the majority of his lifetime in Japan, with experience of living in the United States in his younger years. In his freshman year in high school, he discovers a new passion to music since his enrolment in a choir class.

Language barriers have become an uprising problem due to globalisation. Students in particular struggle to express themselves at school, due to their lack of confidence in a using a foreign language. Singing has always been used as a way of self-expression from the early ages of humanity. This talk aims to suggest a whole new path of approaching the issues of language barriers through the use of choral music.

cedricCedric Lapine

Title – The Money Mindset Predicament

Cedric Lapine is a 17 year old British-American World traveller who currently resides at the International School Bangkok. Cedric is an advocate for helping the less fortunate and currently takes part in raising money for clubs such as Soccer for the Blind, Operation Smile, Food for Thought, and Habitat for Humanity. His time here in Bangkok has taught him a great deal about the power that comes from learning and he hopes to one day use this power to better society as a whole. Cedric hobbies include taking part in a variety of athletics which include Football (soccer), Basketball, and Track, as well as playing chess and enjoying the outdoors.

The idea that money is a powerful force in affecting the mindset of human beings is rarely discussed. Although everyone has different problems in their lives, the idea that money, an item used worldwide, has the ability to make individuals selfish, feel entitled, and egotistical is rarely discussed. Through an unintentional beat down of his own actions and in an attempt to change how bad of a person he is, Cedric aims to enlighten the audience and himself on how money can be better used for good.

2016 Presenters!

The task was to deliver a presentation that was both meaningful and rich.  Their theme, as is the theme of this TEDx event is, “A Catalyst for Change”.  170 students delivered presentations as part of the curriculum in their English course.  Of those, 10 were chosen through a combination of peer selection, performance quality and the teacher approval.  Hope you enjoy the evening.

Milan and Maddie

MC’s for the night: Milan Babra and Maddie Laidlaw

Hi, my name is Maddie Laidlaw. I am a Grade 11 student from International School Bangkok. I am from Breckenridge, Colorado, even though I’ve grown up all around the world. I have been at ISB for the past 3 years, and previously have lived in Buenos Aires, Argentina and Atyrau, Kazakhstan.

Hi my name is Milan Babra, and I am an eleventh grade student at the International School of Bangkok. I am currently in my second year at ISB. I was born in the united states, but have lived overseas for most of my life, in Kenya, India, and now here in Thailand.

Bjorn Pattaphol HANSEN

Title: Why Offense is Important

Bjørn Hansen talks about preserving the sincerity of our voices in an increasingly censored and sensitive society. After all, our voices are something that should be equally appreciated and internalized, whether they are those of dissent or agreement.

Bjørn Hansen (17) is a Thai-Danish student at the International School of Bangkok. Having been raised in a rural Thai environment, his experience crossing across different cultural systems allows him to offer unique and fresh perspective on the world we live in.

Chantae Park

Title: A Third Culture Kid’s Hometown

In an international school, we are surrounded by many students who identify themselves as third culture kids. As being a Third Culture Kid myself, finding my hometown was not an easy job. Having lived in multiple countries such as Korea, Russia, USA, and Thailand, switching home was the norm, and finding one special one was difficult. In this TED Talk, I come to a realisation to where my hometown was and forever will be.

Christopher Rogers

Title: Words Fall Short

“When it comes to describing abstract ideas, words never truly capture what we mean. This often leaves humankind tongue-tied when faced with love, awe, and other immaterial concepts, despite how these are in fact some of the most central ideas of being human. However, just like philosophy takes precedence over logic when it comes to these topics, art communicates them far better than words.”
“Chris Rogers is a junior at the International School of Bangkok. He is an aspiring concept artist and writer interested in philosophy and theology. He has lived in many countries in South East Asia and the Middle East.”

Devi De Olivera

Title: Let’s Rage about the Wage
Looking at our modern, forward thinking world, we have made many accomplishments in the social issues but one still looms before us: The Gender Based Wage gap. We are further than we should be from closing this gap in our so called progressive societies, and this has to be changed. An analysis of where the gender based wage gap originates from and how we can work to shift our society to better equalise wages will be used with reference to different modern day examples.

Devi de Oliveira is a junior at the International School of Bangkok. She has lived in the United States, India and Thailand. She has had a passion for sports since a young age, and looks to continue playing soccer in her future. She has strong beliefs about social justice and equality and hopes to share those with you.

Hantz Heesouh

Title: The Importance of Mother Tongue

The Importance Of Your Mother Tongue:  My Ted talk is about the importance of keeping your native language focusing mostly on International Students. Overall I want the audience to understand that this is an important topic and will talk about why it is relevant as well as sharing some of the negative impacts losing your native language can have on an individual.

Biography: Hantz is 17 years old and a junior at the International School of Bangkok. He is Canadian-African and lived in Quebec, Canada for 10 years before moving to Ghana followed by Thailand. His first language is French and he started learning English upon his arrival in Ghana. He enjoys participating in activities such as basketball and track and field, as well as helping out with play productions. His Ted Talk focuses on the importance of your mother tongue and the effect losing it can have on you and the people around you.

Izzy Armitage

Title: Thinking Inside of a Box

In our modern day society, education is looked at as a mechanism for achieving academic success, rather than learning. My Tedx Talk addresses the disadvantages of our modern day education system, and the misconceptions we have regarding our intelligence, our learning, and our achievements. Why do we strive to push ourselves past our academic limits? Why have our definitions of the words “smart” and “intelligent” shifted to hold all power on grades and GPA? What can we, and modern school systems, do to improve this? One of the objectives of this oration is to help us all realize that our academic achievements in numbers do not define our ability to be smart, as there are so many different types of intelligence, in which all of us possess.

Miranda Onofre

Title: The Power of Bullying

There are many stories out in the world about bullying. This is mine. My Talk with be about the different types of bullying there is, the types that I have faced, a background of my bullying and how I have faced it along with the power of how bullying has had over me.

My name is Miranda. I am Mexican American. I was born in England and was there for five years and then moved to San Antonio Texas when I was about 5 or 6. I moved from Texas to Bangkok Thailand. I have now been in Thailand for 6 years. I have very low self esteem but I am still working on it! I am a very positive person and I beat to my own drum, so I am told by my parents.

Natasha Hardegen

Title: Mental Illness: The brain can get sick.  
I am a new student to ISB with goals to spread awareness of Mental health issues and discuss their stereotypes. I am 17 years old and junior. I am half American and Thai but have lived and travelled all my life from the U.S, Europe, Islands and now Asia. This is my first time sharing my story amongst a large community and hope to spread the truth, strong emotions and love. I tackle the deep concerns I have based around mental health, it’s facts and the events I have dealt and deal with on a daily basis in order to show the media and society that this is not something to be afraid of or discriminate about. Stay strong and enjoy.

Sammy March

Title: Why We Write Bad

Communication has reached an all time high, but has something been lost in the myriad of slang and text-chat used today? In this TED Talk, the effect communication through texting has had on the ability of teens and those alike to read and write proficiently will be explored.

Sammie March is a junior and cheese enthusiast at the International School Bangkok. When she is not running (from her problems), she enjoys correcting people’s grammar, reading about grammar, daydreaming about grammar, and evidently writing TED Talks about grammar. She’s doing good by giving this talk, but you’d have to ask her if she’s doing well.

Victoria Tarrega

Title: More Than Just One Word

In today’s society we categorize each other based a single aspect of a person’s life. My ted talk revolves around the idea that there is more to a person than just what society and their peers categorize them as. I am trying to raise awareness towards how we describe each other and how it affects our capabilities. The misuse of adjectives towards people can be very harmful.

Hi, my name Vikki Tarrega. I am 16 years old and I moved to the International School of Bangkok three years ago when I was going into 8th grade. I was born in New York and lived there majority of my life. I participate in various activities through out the school including maharaj boys home, varsity soccer, varsity touch and after school dance. My guilty pleasure is dark chocolate.


2015 Presenters

The presenters are all 11 grade students.  The task was to deliver a presentation that was both meaningful and rich.  Their theme, as is the theme of this TEDx event is a Catalyst for Change.  170 students delivered presentations.  Of those, 9 were chosen through a combination of peer selection, performance quality and the teacher team. Ida and Dan       Hosts:  Ida Borjegren and Dan Borenstein  

The Presenters are: SarahSarah Lim –  Rape: The misuse of the word rape by our society has not only trivialized its meaning, but has also contributed to the creation of rape culture. Our words are powerful and a symbol of freedom – it is our responsibility to use it for goodness and not to destroy others.–Sarah





Kun WooKun-Woo Song – How to Make Your Own Personal Army through Facebook (Effectiveness of Propaganda on Social Medias): We see propaganda in posters, history books, or even in advertisements. But with the introduction of social media, something we use everyday, propaganda is now in social media as well. Through this TED talk I will explain how and why propaganda is effective in social media.



Becky BradleyAre we ‘Ableists’?: The objective of my FOA was to show how the language we use creates and reinforces our mental images and shapes meaning.  Furthermore, my objective was to make the audience think about the language we use and how it affects others. Ultimately, I wanted the audience to leave the presentation knowing how to properly address people with disabilities and be more aware of language.



DonatusMarcel DonatusGap Year: My presentation is on the merits of taking a gap year. In my presentation, I advocated for a mandatory gap year for every high school student and I also cleared common misconceptions people have on the gap year. I talked about how taking a gap year let students discover their passion and avoid being indecisive as they go to college. Since this is my junior year and graduation is just right around the corner, I thought that this topic would be appropriate to address


Jazz Jazz BurrThe Sad Side of Social Media:  In our current culture, it’s not socially acceptable to admit that you’re not doing great, that life isn’t going so well. This is largely due to the constant flood of positive language on social media that masks people’s true problems. You will barely ever see someone post a depressing status, but the stream of statuses along the lines of “Just landed in [insert exotic location]” or “Enjoying drinks with friends” just never ends. The language used in social media has contributed to society requiring us to be “perfect” all the time.

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Sofia MeisburgerThe Power of Public Speaking: 3 out of 4 individuals experience some degree of anxiety when verbally speaking to an audience; in contrast, very few people undergo discomfort through written speech. Where does this originate from? Is it nurture or nature that has brought about this seemingly innate phobia? It is acutely apparent through examples of Emma Watson, Martin Luther King Jr., Aristotle and Adolf Hitler. Spoken word is one of, if not the most important skill a person can develop. If the claim that fear of public speaking is due to a shared societal viewpoint and negligence of the emphasis of speech in an individual’s upbringing, the implementation of a mandatory course in rhetoric would change this fear dramatically. Normalizing something as vital and as powerful as public speaking from an early age through schooling has the potential to change the voice of our generation and generations to come like never before.

RigelRigel BlattIntroversion: My TEDx Talk is about how introversion affects the way people communicate and how introverts shouldn’t have to be in an environment where they feel pressured into expressing their ideas or feelings through clear verbal articulation.





Marsha Marsha NiemeijerDefault: Very briefly, My TED Talk is about the lack of diversity (mostly focusing on racial diversity) in young adult literature and why it is important to have diversity in influential books aimed towards young adults.

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2014 Presenters

The presenters are all 11 grade students.  The task was to deliver a presentation that was both meaningful and rich.  Their theme, as is the theme of this TEDx event is a Catalyst for Change.  170 students delivered presentations.  Of those, 9 were chosen through a combination of peer selection, performance quality and the teacher team.

The presenters are:

(Val) Tananivit – Silence in a  Media World

My TED talk explores the declining role of silence in modern society: its roots and consequences. Everyday, our psyche faces a constant bombardment of beliefs, thoughts, ideas and opinions from the media. This barrage of ideas (which belong to other people) can quickly drown out any sense of individuality we might have.  Taking a step back and embracing silence is perhaps the only way to keep our identity intact.



Tanat (Mac) Rojanapiensatith – Censoring Comedy

In this talk, Mac challenges the censorship of words in comedy and argues that it is something that should not be done. He explains the negative impacts that comedy censorship has on both comedians as well as their audiences.




Ryan Jones – Put It Down – Disconnect to Reconnect

The media and technology are all around us. From what goes on our mobile phones to the Facebook posts and articles we read today, technology is changing the way we think and perceive the world. Through my “Ted Talk” I intend to show this alternative reality of technology that we are choosing to live in, instead of using technology for the purpose it was created for. Our choices today don’t help us face real world problems; instead we unintentionally create global unawareness. This results in a society more misguided than the technology we represent.


Katie Kim – Deliberate Manipulation Through Language

This ted talk will be on techniques used by the media to deliberately manipulate and persuade potential customers. This speech will specifically focus on deliberate manipulation through language in advertisements. Three rhetorical devices used by the media frequently will be introduced to highlight this technique. The three rhetorical devices discussed will be euphemism, jargon, and inflated.


Eefa Shehzad – I am Not a Terrorist

This Talk is about how Middle Easterners are portrayed in Western Media. They are almost always represented by negative stereotypes in movies, television shows, and video games. The media’s use of these predominately negative images encourages prejudice feelings towards Middle Easterners and Muslims outside the Middle East. As members of an international community, we should help put an end to the discrimination and stereotyping done by Western media.


Kitipapa (Ciel) Sriprasert – Stop Catcalling Girls

My TED talk tackles the idea of misogynistic language, but in the form of onomatopoeias. This includes sounds such as (but not limited to) whistling, hooting, hollering. This is otherwise known as cat calling, and wolf whistling. The concept is to show that language does not only constitute words, but also sounds and actions. And maybe, it is more so taboo than actual language recognized by the English dictionary.



Kimberly Remijan – How Much do we Really Know about Gaming?

In this talk, I have the audience recognize the negative stereotype that many people have towards gaming and gamers themselves, and encourage them to reject this stereotype by being open minded to what games can offer and what their effects will be.”




Samual McPherson – Our Moral Decline as Caused by the Media

In modern TV shows there is a disturbing amount of profanity. We are constantly bombarded with foul language from those around us. And our language isn’t the only thing that’s suffering from the decaying morality in the media; our perceptions of modesty and beauty are slowly worsening as well. From the use of vulgar language to our image of beauty the media has gradually altered its standards concerning what is and appropriate, and as a consequence, society’s ideals are lowered as well.


Cole Whiteley – Structure

A speech about the spreading of ideas.


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2013 Presenters

The presenters are all 11 grade students.  The task was to deliver a presentation that was both meaningful and rich.  Their theme, as is the theme of this TEDx event is a Catalyst for Change.  170 students delivered presentations.  Of those, 9 were chosen through a combination of peer selection, performance quality and the teacher team.

The presenters are:

Benya Kraus

Benya is a Thai-American Junior at the International School of Bangkok, has moved from Bangkok to Geneva to Hanoi to New Jersey and back to Bangkok in the last 17 years, leaving houses, cultures, and schools behind.  However, one thing that has always travelled with her is her thirst to inspire and to be inspired.  Benya’s passions range from theatre to sports to global issues to filmmaking, but what unites all these vastly different interests is her overall aspiration to leave this world making a difference.  Whether it be through inspiring a whole nation, or thousands of movie seers, or just one single person, she hopes to contribute to this world a sprit of hope, compassion, and peace.


Leeann Schudel

Leeann is 16 years old and currently a junior at the International School of Bangkok. She is a third culture child who is Half American – Half Korean and has lived her whole life in Thailand. She enjoys volleyball, basketball, softball and tap dancing. She is the president of the Shining Hope club, which focuses on giving aid to the less fortunate in Nairobi. In school, her favorite subjects are English and Journalism, in which she is the Editor of the Sports Section for the school magazine. She hopes to one day major in Broadcast Journalism and become an anchor at ESPN. Since a young age, Leeann has been very aware of body image and beauty but has only recently explored why. She hopes to spread knowledge about the unfortunate effects of false advertising.


Jean Uchupalanun

Jean is a Thai junior who has lived in Thailand for most of her life. She is enthusiastic about music and would often spend her free time playing the cello or piano. She is also passionate about teaching young kids, as they are the future adults who will shape the world. Therefore Jean spends a lot of time with elementary students. In the past 16 years, Jean has seen the rapid spread of technology in the Thai society. Jean’s TED talk focuses on the idea of how technology has affected people’s relationships, not only with each other, but also with themselves. She hopes to tweak the perception that people have of technology and encourage face-to-face interactions.


Emma Ortega

Emma is of Spanish descent, but has lived in Thailand for the past five years. Emma likes to sit in her room and read, especially books by Milan Kundera. She also likes to drink a lot coffee and tea. Emma likes to go to the pre- school to assist the teacher, and help teach during her free period. She also co-instructs two dance classes for kids. All her work with kids contributes to her goal of becoming a child psychiatrist when she is older.




Xaivier Del Rosario

Xavier is currently a 16 year old junior at the International School of Bangkok. He is Filipino, but since he has moved through five different South East Asian countries, he feels that he has a very culturally diverse background. His main interests are sports, especially basketball. He loves to play, watch, and follow basketball all the time He doesn’t know what he wants his future career to be yet, but he definitely wants something where he will feel fulfilled after everyday. English is one of hi favorite  classes because I am able to express myself in an array of techniques, for example, this TED talk.


Hinako Murai

Hinako is only in her second year at ISB.  Before coming to Thailand, Hinako studied at a large public school in her native country Japan.  She likes how she can meet students from many countries at ISB. Japanese people believe green tea is very beneficial and keeps drinking even now from a long time ago. She has been a green tea drinker since she was in elementary school and has been taught that green tea includes a lot of great healthy benefits. Her goal for this talk is to convince people to drink more green tea and to sell green tea in the cafeteria so more people will have more opportunities to drink green tea.


Christopher Chhouk

Christopher is an avid volunteer in community service and he envisions a society where people learn to accept each other. Throughout his life, Chris has lived in two different environments; the United States and Thailand. Both have given him different experiences about acceptance and understanding for different cultures. Being an American of Asian descent, he hopes to see that in the future, people will refer to each other as fellow citizens instead of being referenced by ethnicity. Chris’s TED talk focuses on solving the growing issues of extremism in certain countries by offering the solution of creating a truly multicultural society.



Brandon Friedman

Brandon is an international student that has attended ISB for 10 years. Before moving to Thailand, he lived in Bangladesh and Nepal. He enjoys participating in activities such as Taekwondo and Boy Scouts. His favorite area of study is biology and he hopes that, one day, he will be able to become a physician. Brandon has been exposed to the issue of human trafficking for the past 5 years and is now very intent on spreading the knowledge that he has learned and making sure that everyone starts what they can to bring an end to this nightmarish problem.



Anuka King

Anuka is a compassionate American student who is also an accomplished dancer in Bharathanatyam – Indian classical dance.  It is the dance that exposed her to the various emotions of a human through its mythological stories. Her trips to India exposed Anuka to people who have great potential but whose circumstances did not give them an opportunity to rise above.  Anuka wants these people especially in rural areas of developing nations to have the same empowerment that she is fortunate to receive. Recently, she has been raising funds for charity through her dance performances, however she feels that a more vigorous approach is needed.  In her talk, she raises the importance of rural empowerment via examples and how it gives a country the ability to develop its villagers as self–driven problem-solvers. Anuka feels that this issue is especially relevant to schools, where students themselves are learning to be empowered and can do a lot to help.


Mutiara Windraskinasih

Mutiara is an international student in Bangkok. She is sixteen years old and
originally comes from Indonesia. She and her parents also lived in Geneva for four years. She
has been staying in Bangkok for the last two years and planning to graduate from International School Bangkok. Her hobbies include singing and listening to music. She wants to go to law school to practice law someday. Mutiara’s Ted Talk is sending a message to prevent bullying among teenagers.


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