January 19th, 2019 at 6:30pm in the Cultural Center Theater (CCT)

The 7th Annual ISB TEDx Youth@ISBangkok presents eight speakers that will make you think and want you to become a “Catalyst for Change.” 170 students delivered presentations as part of the curriculum in their English course.  Of those, eight were chosen through a combination of peer selection, performance quality and teacher approval. 

Emcee’s for the night: Nolie Giles and Thomas Bulow.


2019 TEDx Youth@ISBangkok Presenters

Madison Mehta 
Environmental Ignorance

Bio: Madison is a 16 year-old junior who was born in the U.S. and now attends International School Bangkok. She is greatly interested in advocating for others through the spoken word. She takes part in numerous service programs and has started her own – Harvesting Hope. This group works to support local Thai farmers and promotes sustainability. Madison loves being a member of an international community and feels it is always important to give back.

Talk Summary:
Evidence of environmental decay in our community is not something that requires active search. The frightening reality of the situation that we are faced with is that there is a point of no return. What stops us from doing anything about it? This talk explores our inherent ignorance based off our fear, inability to look to the future, and bystanderism. Once the root of the problem is explained, step-by-step solutions are introduced to counteract one’s natural response towards the natural world. We need to start now.

Craig Dawe
Imitation: the Most Sincere Form of Apathy

Bio: Craig Dawe is a 16 year old junior studying at International School Bangkok. He has spent most of his life living in Thailand with Filipino and American parents. In his free time, he enjoys watching movies and sports, and plans on pursuing a career in filmmaking or writing. Some of his favorite filmmakers include David Lynch, PT Anderson, Paul Schrader and Terrence Malick. 

Talk Summary:
We are often told to be ourselves, and to not care about what others think or do. However, this is something we seldom act on. This talk explores how one’s individuality is often undermined by an inherent tendency to conform and laziness. It also emphasizes how this problem is deeply embedded in one’s life, and can thus have enormous implications. Ultimately, the talk encourages audience members to embrace the struggles associated with freedom and individuality.

Fizza Mobin
Mental Health Awareness

Bio: Fizza is a 17 year old student studying at the International School Bangkok. Originally from Pakistan, Fizza has loved being an international student having lived in many countries across the globe. The diverse range of cultures she has had the opportunity to immerse herself into is something that has shaped her into who she is today, and has become a significant part of her identity that she is proud of

Talk Summary:
Mental health, something we all possess, yet misuse, mistreat and misunderstand. We think that by preventing our children from learning about the basis of mental health disorders in their youth, that we are doing them a favor, for we have granted them an unblemished childhood. The harsh reality is that we end up preparing our children for nothing, and leave them in a state of perplexity, because they are unaware of how to take care of their own mental health. This talk divulges a simple solution to this predicament: increasing media representation (through TV shows and movies) of characters exhibiting symptoms of mental health disorders. This will help our children see that discussions regarding mental health disorders should not be restricted, because they affect so many of us, even our role models, and it is important to know how to nurture and respect our mental health at an earlier stage in life.

Seongyeon (Yeonie) Heo
Being a Second Language Learner

Bio: Yeonie Heo is a 16 year old junior at International School Bangkok. It has been 3 years now since she moved to Thailand from Korea. The past years were sometimes tough and challenging for her. There were several up and downs getting used to the culture and studies here in an international school

Talk Summary:
In this global world, it is easy to meet multilingual speakers. Multilingual speakers are not people who are absolutely fluent or almost like a native in multiple-languages but they are learners of other languages. This talk explores how second language learners truly feel and think when finding limitations in their second (or other) languages. It further emphasizes the importance of having the courage to make mistakes and learn and improve based on their own experiences. It also asks native speakers to understand the experience of language learners.

Xuan Fan Loo
Teenage Rebellion: It’s a Spectrum

Bio: Xuan Fan Loo is a 16 year old junior at International School Bangkok. She has lived in Thailand for the past 9 years and has been studying at ISB since the first grade. She was born in Malaysia in a family of 5 with two sisters. Alongside her involvement in sports, on weekends, she enjoys socializing with friends

Talk Summary:
Must an authentic teenage experience be associated with promiscuity? Must a teenager be rebellious to qualify as a true teenager? Through the discussion of the spectrum of teenage behavior, this talk explores the misconception of the norm of teenage rebellion as regarded by society, as well as its’ psychological causes. It strives to describe the diversity in teenage behavior in an attempt to convince society to accept teenagers for who they choose to be.

Montawan (Nae Nae) Chairatchaneeboon
Benefits of Community Service

Bio: Montawan (Nae Nae) Chairatchaneeboon is a 16-year-old junior at International School Bangkok. She is actively engaged in leading many service clubs and activities in the community, including English Service Project, Habitat For Humanity, and Prosthetics Project. She is also involved in the ISB Service Fund, Technology Council, and Choir. She strongly believes in the importance of enriching her local community and aims to encourage others to see the benefits of community service

Talk Summary:
Our society often focuses the benefits of community service on those who receive, more than those who give. Through contributing countless of hours improving the lives of others, Nae Nae has discovered the benefits of doing community service that are often overlooked. Her talk emphasizes how making community service a graduation requirement has enabled students to discover their passions. She aims to convey the message that successfully implementing a service action plan has the power to change everyone’s life for the better—both those who give, and those who receive.

Tatarit (Mod) Yensuang 
Is Our Reality Just a Simulation?

Bio: Tatarit (Mod) Yensuang is a 16-year-old junior studying at International School Bangkok. Alongside his leadership and engagement in many school clubs and activities, such as the Student Communications Group, Make a Difference club, and Giving Hands Project, he is also in lead of several tech-oriented clubs at ISB, including Initiative Technology, Software Development club, as well as the Technology Council due to his profound interest in technology and the significant impacts it has on our modern world

Talk Summary:
In a world where our technological progress is continually multiplying at a pace we cannot predict, it is difficult to tell where our future is heading. In a span of just a few years, our technology now enables us to simulate complex worlds that are nearly impossible to distinguish from reality. What would these simulations be like in 50 years? 500 years? Could it be possible that someone, somewhere in the future has created a simulation that is our very own reality? This talk explores the possibility that we are living in a simulation created by a much more advanced civilization, but more importantly, whether it matters to us at all.

Anatta Tantiwonse
The Case for Reading

Bio: Anatta Tantiwongse is currently a 16 year old international school junior, and the daughter of a German mother and Thai father. She was born and raised across various regions of Thailand, and began attending ISB as a fourth grader. Besides an extracurricular passion for dance and gymnastics, Anatta enjoys spending her albeit increasingly limited spare time reading, in pursuit of her aspirations to eventually become a librarian, archivist or curator.

Talk Summary:
In our world today, the relevance of reading as a pastime continues to fade, as it is increasingly perceived as a purely utilitarian skill. Through an exploration of our past literary experiences, this talk revisits the value of reading to enriching our lives in a manner extending far beyond the literal; even embodying some of our most distinctly human characteristics. Hopefully, audiences will realise just how much we have already learned from reading, and how much remains to be gained by continuing to do so.