Let’s Look for Books!

We were looking through the statistics we collect on the library and we are exceptionally proud of the work we did this year in developing the Main Library Collection.  We focused on areas of weakness like Fiction for Middle-Grade readers as well as Non-Fiction for those looking for some self-improvement.  

With that said, I thought it would be a good idea to put in a bit on the library catalog and how to use it effectively.  You can find our catalog on the Main Library website at: library.isb.ac.th 

There are loads of resources there, including access to the databases and our research guides used when working with students.  However, the catalog can be a little bit tricky to use.  Here are some steps to follow when looking for books. 

  1. On the home page you will see a rotation of some of the most Popular Titles, Collections (these are groups of books by genre), Audiobooks, and Recently Added books.
  2. Start with just a search.  In the search bar, you can type an author’s name, the title of a book or, a keyword
  3. When you get your results you can see if a book is IN or OUT – if it is out, email the library staff or me (christob@isb.ac.th) to hold the book for you, and we will notify you when it is returned.
  4. Click on the Title you are interested in reading. It will tell you more about the tile and a summary of the title.
  5. If we don’t have a book you are looking for let us know.  We consider all requests.  They need to fit into our collection policy guidelines.  If they do, we will purchase the title and let you know when it arrives.  If we have to make the decision that it doesn’t fit in the collection, then we will notify you.


Bell’s Recommendation

Mad Honey – by Jodi Picoult and Jennifer Finney Boylan

Sometimes we read books and it gives us a happy feeling. Other times we read books and we reflect on our own lives with the idea that things could be worse… This is the latter. This book is a love story, wrapped in a mystery, that explores bee keeping, abusive relationships, and transgender struggles. It was a quick read but one full of amazing characters that at times I loved and a moment later hated. I never really felt like I was sure who committed the crime and the outcome is a bit unsettling, but I still highly recommend this book as it sheds some light on just how difficult relationships can be in today’s world and what it might take to truly love.

Tech Tools

Above I wrote about the new books and searched the catalog – Destiny Discover.  However, that is a very general look at what the software/database can do.  If you are more interested in what is there and how to use this technology (most schools across the globe use this same software), here is the link to the Follett Community for more information. 

Digital Citizenship

Last week I posted a video on being safe online from Microsoft’s Digital Learning Course.  This week I am recommending another section of this course which is the bit that probably speaks more to our students and the need to retain some sense of privacy.  This video explains the different privacy levels and what we can do to maintain our own privacy yet safely be on the web.  Here is the link to the course.