We’ve had some great energy in the school and especially the library this first week of the 2022-23 school year!  
Remember parents are also welcome to drop by the library anytime and are welcome to check out books.  We have books in English primarily. However, we have a large collection of books in languages as well, like Japanese, Korean, and others.  If there is something, you would like to see in the library let us know. We consider all suggestions.  

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Subscribing to ISB Calendars
Did you know that you can subscribe to the ISB calendars so that they stay up to date in real time on ISB events? If you have a Google account, please make sure you are logged in to your personal Google account, go to our ISB Calendars, and you can simply click on the “+Calendars” below and then click the calendars that you want to subscribe to (Day Calendar, Community Calendar, etc). These will then be displayed in your Google Calendars app on your phone or another device. You can easily toggle
Hope to see you this year. 
The Main Library Staff

Bell’s Recommendation:

Skyhunter – by Marie Lu

I wanted to branch out a bit, so I read a little fantasy/dystopian by Marie Lu. This was a fantastic read in that the lead character, Talin, cannot speak but is a born leader. She is powerful and is a warrior to be reckoned with as the Federation is expanding and taking control of all the lands. This is an action-packed thriller with some dystopian undertones. It is exciting from the first moment, and it is the first of 2 books by Marie. Check this book out today!