Research in Motion

Wednesday night was the 10th Annual TedxYouth@ISBangkok event. In the Main Library we get to see many of the in class talks that were given as we hosted several classes in the Literary Lounge. It is always so amazing to see ISB students step up and deliver. However, there is something very special about the talks that turn into Ted Talks. It is the polish, the coaching, and the student speakers who really raise the bar. 

It makes us as librarians super proud to see the level of research and the presence that the students have when they deliver. While we are super proud, it was also evident that the students, their friends, and their parents who attended were just as proud. From my perspective every student who delivered a talk went through a full research process. This is a set of transferable, or life skills, that students can take with them as they begin the Extended Essay process, research colleges, or are just looking for the right car. 

As a project that is done by students in Grade 11 it also makes us feel really good to know that our juniors will go off to college having had a chance to conduct authentic research at a level that will surely give them confidence in these skills as they move forward and on to college. 

We will send out the videos as soon as we get them approved from the folks a Ted Talks. However, we have some wonderful pics from ISB’s AWESOME Communications Department.  

Bell’s Recommendation:

Fire Keeper’s Daughter by Angeline Boulley

Just started this book but loving it already. It jumps into a young girls conflicted life torn between her Native American familial heritage and her American family. She is also an amazing hocky player and student. She has been tasked with being the ‘new guy’s’ ambassador to the school where the different cultures come into conflict on a constant basis. It is a realistic look at the difficulties of mixed families as well as the differences of cultures. It is well written, moves fast, and is pertinintent in todays society.