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Dear IASAS Activities Directors and IASAS CC Art & Film 2021 Coaches,


Please double check one more time that the information you submitted on the IASAS Art & Film CC 2021 – General Information and Rosters Form  is correct and complete for your school, as the contacts listed there will be used for all future correspondence about this year’s Cultural Convention for Art & Film. Although it may seem cumbersome, coaches should copy all six IASAS Activities Directors on emails between schools, even if the messages seem trivial or area specific. Thank you in advance for keeping the lines of communication open. 


IASAS Art Cohort

Basil Tahan –  

Andy Snook –

Trista Meisner –

Jo Tilton –

Amber Kotcher –

Katie Grauke –

Winnie Wong –

Sara Jones –

Barbara Harvey –

Michelle Kao –

David Morris –


IASAS Film Cohort

Danny Wall –

Jaleea Price –

Rebecca Lebel –

Jon Nelson –

Nadia Hartley –

Tom Bartlett –

Brett Barrus –

Adrian Town –

Lawrence Shackelford – 


IASAS Activities Directors 

Anthony Giles – 

Ryan Naughton –

Marsha Hillman –

Darby Davis – 

Tracy Nagesh (van der Linden) –  

Daniel Long –


Thank you also to those who were able to make the Film and Art Zoom meetings held on August 23rd and 24th respectively. It was great to share our ideas for both areas with you, and to get your feedback about the overall plan for this year’s Cultural Convention. Your support of the proposed October 1st (soft deadline) for all convention submissions is greatly appreciated. Please see layout examples on pages 11-46 (art), and 71-80 (film) of our 2019 ADDTF CC Booklet HERE. A list of required items from each school with print specifications are listed below. 

IASAS CC Art & Film 2021 Booklet (PDF format, 300DPI) Due from each participating school by October 1, 2021 (preferred), October 8, 2021 (latest)



  • 1 page A4 portrait with name of school, art  delegate names, and art delegate photos

  • All artwork images should be in jpg format and a minimum of 2000 pixels on the shorter side. For standard digital cameras this would mean 2000 X 3000 pixels. Higher resolution images are welcome.

  • Please note the careful use of dashes to separate fields and underscores to represent spaces in the artwork file naming conventions. 

    • “Number” 01-25 of which the first pieces should be works by delegates

    • Artwork Files: Number-school-firstname_lastname-title-delegate(Y or N).jpg 

      • Example: 03-ISB-John_Jones-A_quiet_place-delegate(Y).jpg

    • Artist Portraits: School-number-firstname_lastname.jpg

      • Example: ISB-03-John_Jones.jpg

    • PDF A4 Pages: School-Catalog_page.pdf

      • Example: ISB-Catalog_page.jpg


  • 1 page A4 portrait per submitted film with name of school, film delegate names, and film delegate photos

  • 1 page A4 portrait poster per submitted film with name of school, title of film, short synopsis, and credits

IASAS CC Art & Film 2021 Website In addition to the print items listed above we will need individual portraits for every delegate in art and film. It will be important for the schools to understand that these portraits may be out there on the www with a first name, last initial designation/naming convention. Some schools in the past have sent “artistic” shots with funny facial expressions but the images have been limited to the print media and published for just those participating in CC. Our target audience will be wider.

IASAS Handbook Please find attached copies of the IASAS Rule Change Proposal Form as well as Parts 1, 2, 15, and 19 of the IASAS Handbook as a reference for  Cultural Conventions in general, and Art and Film specifically. 

ISB Art Team

Basil Tahan –  

Andy Snook –

Trista Meisner –


ISB Film Team

Danny Wall –

Jaleea Price –

Rebecca Lebel –


ISB Convention Management & Support Team

Anthony Giles – 

Harold Albert –

Louisa “Kwang” Sonthirak –

Virongrong “M” Chaemkasem –

Worapoj “MJ” Attanark –

Parichat “Neoy” Tanapiwattanakul –

Arin Aukayanagul –


Anthony “Tony” Giles
Director of Arts & Activities
 ZOOM  +66 82 700 8903 
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