Hello again CC Art Coaches,
I hope this correspondence finds you happy and healthy.
Our preparations for this year’s CC Art are in full swing. We are making workshop videos, communicating with alumni, packing supplies to send to you, collecting artwork from students and preparing our delegates.
With only 10 days left before our first deadlines, we just wanted to touch base with you, and remind you that we are here for you if you have any questions or concerns.
The FAQ page has had a few additional questions and answers added to it, but anything else you need to know, just get in touch.
Here is a quick checklist of what we need from you by October 1st:
1) Names of the (up to 12) delegates added to your schools spreadsheet
2) Names and Portraits (up to 25) , Artwork, Artists’ Statements, Dimensions and digital images added to the spreadsheet and images folder.
3) A4 page highlighting your schools team in this folder
Sincerely ISB CC Art 2021 Team,