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Dear IASAS Activities Directors and 2021 IASAS Art & Film Teams,

Hope this email finds each of you healthy, rested, and feeling resilient in the face of the ongoing pandemic challenges we all face. I am writing to announce two follow up meetings by area (Art and Film) to those held in May to discuss our plans for IASAS Art & Film CC 2021, and to outline next steps. Please review emails #1 and #2 below and be sure to have at least one advisor/coach representative by area present at each of the two respective meetings. See you next week!

  • The Film meeting will be held over ZOOM at 3:30pm on Monday, August 23rd.
  • The Art meeting is scheduled over ZOOM at 3:30pm (GMT+7) on Tuesday, August 24th.

If you have not done so already, please complete the name and contact information for your coaches HERE.

#1 – IASAS Art & Film CC 2021 – May 21, 2021 (See Letter to Art Teachers Below)
Dear IASAS Activities Directors and 2021 IASAS Art & Film Teams,

Although most of us are probably focused on making it to the finish line in what has proven to be a very challenging school year, I am writing to bridge the gap between what has been, and what might be, as we look hopefully towards next year’s IASAS Cultural Convention for Art & Film. This email serves as the first formal communication for that event and will be used to introduce the ISB team leaders (see below), as well as to establish email channels and protocols for each specific area going forward. Sorry for the short notice, but if you are able, please complete the name and contact information for your coaches HERE by Monday, May 24th.


Our website is currently under construction, but once up and running in September through the week of the convention in November, it will serve as the internal ‘go to’ place for AD’s, coaches, and in some instances maybe even students, to find all current IASAS Art & Film CC 2021 information. Again our promise to you is that all notices, deadlines, or tasks will first be emailed (through me, or with me copied) with a link and reminder that, following each successive communication, all information will be updated and available on the website for future reference. 

In general, please have your coaches error on the side of ‘too much’ information by copying all AD’s on any emails between schools, even if the message seems trivial or specific to your area only. Then remind them to use these same guidelines when reaching out to job-alike coaches/coordinators at the other five schools. For instance, the art teams will need to be in direct communication about work submissions, timelines, and artists but IASAS requires these go through each AD. My take away from past models is that we would create email groups by area, again including the AD’s from each school. Make sense? 

Below is a letter from our Art Team, Andy, Basil, and Trista, to share with your art teachers. Note that there is an optional Art Zoom meeting next Tuesday, May 25th. Look for a message from our Film Team, Danny and Rebecca, in the next couple of weeks.

Dear IASAS Art Coach,

Hooray! ISB is hosting the 2021 IASAS Cultural Convention, virtual style.

We are doing our best to plan a most excellent CC! 

We are bringing in some amazing artists to share their expertise and artistry with our students.

The 2021 ISB IASAS CC Art Team is Middle School Art teacher, Trista Meisner, and High School Art teachers, Basil Tahan and Andy Snook.

In order for things to go smoothly we could really use your help. 

Information for the catalog

The artwork submissions will be similar to years’ past with 25 pieces per school. With up to 12 delegates per school, much of this will be delegate work. We plan to have an online gallery and printed catalog that can (hopefully) be shipped to you in time for the event. 


We will be asking for your permission to host one Wednesday afternoon/evening session. This will include a synchronous Zoom and a chance to open up your goodie box of supplies.

This=That Collaborative Project

Students will be riffing off each others’ work using a drawing app. They will work on this throughout the course of the conference. We’ll send out more details closer to November.

Gallery Local/Virtual Visits

The focus for Friday will be looking at artwork. In addition to delegates sharing their own work with each other, a majority of the day will allow time for each school to take advantage of artists and galleries in their area (or virtually, if necessary). We will send our planned itinerary as a guide and resources for engaging with art. 

Coffee with Alumni

A new addition to the conference is Coffee with Alumni. We are asking for each school to arrange for one of their alumni who is working in the Arts to create a 10-15 minute video presentation prior to the conference. We will send out a framework for them to use. Our goal for this addition is to open delegates’ eyes to careers in the Arts.

Synchronous Workshops with Artists

We have three amazing artists scheduled to run workshops on Thursday and host studio sessions on Saturday. We are hoping they will be able to work from their personal studios in Thailand. There may be some materials gathering needed on your part, but we will provide most of the required supplies. 

Zoom Soon

We will be hosting a Zoom session on Tuesday, 25 May at 7:00 a.m. BKK and Jakarta time (8:00 a.m. for Manila, KL, Singapore, and Taipei). This is a chance to check in, meet each other, and clarify anything that you may be wondering. We hope you can make it!

Trista Meisner is inviting you to a scheduled Zoom meeting.

Topic: IASAS CC Art 2021

Time: May 25, 2021 07:00 AM Bangkok

Join Zoom Meeting

Meeting ID: 935 925 6794

Tentative schedule

Wednesday, 10 Nov.

Thursday, 11 Nov.

Friday, 12 Nov.

Saturday, 13 Nov.

First meeting with This=That group 

Open Box of supplies



Opening Ceremony

Workshops with Artists




Delegate Art Tour and Talk- small groups

Coffee with Alumni 

Engage with the IASAS Art Exhibition


Local gallery visits – live or virtual

#2 – IASAS Art & Film CC 2021 – May 21, 2021 (See Letter to Film Teachers Below)

Dear IASAS Activities Directors and 2021 IASAS Art & Film Teams,

Please see below a letter from our Film Team, Danny Wall, Rebecca Lebel, and Chris Bell, to share with your film teachers. Note that there is an optional Film Zoom meeting next Thursday, May 27th.

Dear IASAS Film Coaches,


ISB is proud to host the 2021 IASAS Cultural Convention this year, continuing as a virtual tradition this year. We are already setting things in place to make this a great CC! 


The 2021 ISB IASAS CC Film Team is High School/IB Film teacher, Danny Wall, and High School Media Studies teacher, Rebecca Lebel, with support from our Librarian & Tech Coordinator, Chris Bell.


Here’s how you can help!  


Student Participation & Film Festival

Each school submits films from their delegates similar to years’ past, with 12 minutes total per school that can represent any number of films up to 3 minutes each (including titles and credits.) As always, work for a class can be submitted as long as it is purposeful to the CC prompt, and schools should preview their entries in an event that fits their own calendar. 


This year’s theme for film submissions is “We feel, therefore, we are.” This is in celebration of our host country, Thailand, where an important part of the culture is jai, or “heart,” and emphasizes how much of what we think and do is based on what we feel. You can read more about the Thai culture of jai HERE.        


“Film Chef,” The Timed Film Challenge 

Continuing the success from last year, ISB looks forward to make a 12-hour film challenge a key part of our weekend. In this event, students form teams of three to six, and the challenge begins with the announcement of key “ingredients” on Thursday morning to incorporate into a short film planned, shot, and edited within the 12-hour timeframe. Films must also be 3 minutes or less, per team. The challenge culminates in a showcase of completed works. 


In lieu of visiting a local gallery or studio, schools are encouraged to host, if possible, some portion of the Film Challenge at an off-campus location that allows for a variety of alternative scenery. This of course must be done in full accordance with each school’s safety guidelines and restrictions, and films of course have no penalty if choosing in-home or on-campus locations. 


Speakers & Workshops

We have an amazing filmmaker based in Thailand for a speaker session and Q & A on Friday. We are hoping to use Saturday for a rotating series of workshops, demonstrations, and “jam sessions” that students can select. Outside filmmakers and artists as well as experienced IB Film teachers are being tapped to host these virtual webinars. As we are open to expand our offerings, please let us know if you or others you recommend would like the opportunity to lead one of these sessions as well.  


Zoom Soon

We will be hosting a Zoom session on Thursday, 27 May at 3:00 p.m. BKK and Jakarta time (4:00 p.m. for Manila, KL, Singapore, and Taipei). This is a chance to check in, meet each other, and clarify anything that you may be wondering. We hope you can make it!


Danny Wall is inviting you to a scheduled Zoom meeting.

Topic: IASAS CC & Film 2021 

Time: May 27, 2021 03:00 PM Bangkok


Join Zoom Meeting

Meeting ID: 965 083 6330

Passcode: CC2021


Tentative schedule





Opening Ceremony (All IASAS)

Welcome to Film & the Film Challenge 

Film Challenge Participation

Film Challenge (continued) (am)

Guest Speaker Webinar  (pm)

Film Festival: “We Feel Therefore We Are”

Rotating Workshops/ Demonstrations/
Jam Sessions 

Film Festival: Film Challenges

Closing Ceremony  


Thank you very much, and we look forward to bringing you a great Film Cultural Convention!  

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