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Jennifer Abrams

 From the book   Stretching Your Learning Edges: Growing (UP) at Work Video #1 ( Facet #1  Know Your Identity — September 19, 2023)  Video #2 (Facet #2  Suspend Certainty — November 6, 2023) Video #3 (Facet #3 Taking Responsibility — November 29, 2023) Video #4 (Facet #4 Engage in Reciprocity- December 11, 2023) Video #5 (Facet #5 Build resiliency […]

Lego Robotics Tournament Recap

Dear All,    I know there are so many amazing things happening at ISB with sports, arts and music right now but I wanted to give you all a quick recap of our robotics tournament and season. Let me know if you have the best medium to share with our community.   Congratulations to our ES and […]

Welcome Back – Podcast

  Dear All,    A great episode on the Inspire Citizens podcast with Bloomy and Mig. Our kids are awesome and they presented themselves wonderfully on this podcast.    These two exceptional students discuss their leadership and ISB experiences in this episode and the leadership conference we hosted last year. If you have 30 minutes, this is worth […]


Open Session — pre-reading/watching Follow-up Links/Slides IFSEL’S RESOURCE BINDER Open Session — pre-reading/watching     *** Slide Handout ***