Art Email #7

Hello CC Art Coaches,

We hope this email finds you all healthy and well.

We have spent the last few days packing and shipping the workshop materials to you. We hope you love them! You should receive two large boxes from DHL in the coming days. One box will have one teacher kit, one Master kit (a few extra supplies for the team) and six additional student kits. The other box will have six student kits. Please wait to open the kits until we start the convention.

The Alumni videos are coming in nicely. They are so inspirational and make us proud, once again, to be a part of this community. We have time built into the schedule for Delegates to watch and converse about the videos, so please have your Delegates wait until then to view them.

We apologize for the lack of clarity around the number and length of the alumni videos. Some schools (including us) have included multiple Alumni and others just one. What would be great is if each school was represented with at least one. As of now, ISM and TAS have yet to add videos to the folder, but there is still three weeks to go. If other schools would like to add additional Alumni, please feel free to do so.

In the email we sent on Friday, October 8th, we asked that you start to consider how you might have your students engaging with Art on the Friday afternoon of CC. We recognize that for some schools, any physical gallery visits will be impossible, of course, there are many great online galleries that might be used as a surrogate. We ourselves are struggling to get permission for an excursion to Bangkok galleries (government COVID regulations), but are working hard to make it happen. Please let us know where you are with this process and if there is anything we can do to help.

We know there is still three weeks before kick off, but also wanted to help make sure everyone is ready to go and can really relax and enjoy without having to run around making changes once we get going.

As there are likely going to be two groups (one group on campus participating as a team together, and one group of closed campuses with Delegates at home) the tech requirements will also be split.

For those who are on campus, each student will need a laptop capable of video conferencing through Zoom. (most schools have been using the platform, but we want to make sure it is installed). There will be times where each of your 12 delegates will be in a different breakout room group and will be communicating simultaneously. Obviously, this would be difficult in the same space as microphones and speakers would have all sorts of cross communication issues. We plan to use garden areas and outside spaces for these. (“Collaborations” and “Sharing Gallery Works”). For everything else, a LARGE screen in front of the group would be best! The workshops are AMAZING and watching the instructional videos as a group should be a beautiful creative experience.

For those off campus, each student will need a laptop capable of video conferencing through Zoom. (most schools have been using the platform, but we want to make sure it is installed).

MEET THE ARTISTS (Artist Profile Videos)
Our production team (Khun Neuy and Khun MJ, you will meet them), have done an incredible job creating videos with our Guest Artists! Each artist has a very short introduction video, a long artist interview profile video, and a workshop video.

We were planning for the Artist profile videos to be viewed on Wednesday. They were each meant to be 15 minutes long. Oooops! They came in at 60, 25 and 35 minutes. Last night, our team sat and watched them with the intent to cut them down to 15 minutes. Well, in our opinion, they are just too good to be cut! What the artists share about their life, work, inspiration, education, trials and tribulations, is insightful GOLD! These interviews will help the Delegates feel more connected with the artists and understanding of where they are coming from.

So…what we thought we would do is leave it up to each of you to decide how you will have Delegates view them in advance of Thursday’s workshops. At ISB, we will have our Delegates watch one each day from Monday 8th to Wednesday 10th with follow-up discussions.

Everything will be made accessible (via website) on Monday the 8th.

We would like to offer our time next Wednesday 27th for a Zoom call. We will open the call from 6:00am Bangkok time until 8:00am Bangkok time (Three cups of coffee, so if you come late, expect fast talking). Please drop in at some point and just say hello, but if you have questions, this might be easier than email for you. Of course, as always, we are happy to help by email as well.

Forward Together in Creativity,

ISB CC Art Team

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