Email # 6

Dear IASAS Art and Film Advisors,

Things are looking to open up here in Thailand a bit more in November so we are hopeful that this means the same for you and your schools. It will be great when we can all be together again attending these amazing CC events live!!! 
Please help us with proofreading and edits. 
We just got back our 4th draft of the IASAS A & F CC booklet for printing (see attached), and it looks like we are still missing some key elements for film posters and film delegate pages in particular (see requirements for each film below). For art teams, please take this opportunity to check for any editing and formatting errors. Art layouts appear from pages 7-25. For film teams, please send new pages where required elements are missing, and, where complete, take this opportunity to check for any editing or formatting errors. Film layouts appear from pages 29-47. Thanks. 


  • 1 page A4 portrait per submitted film with name of school, film delegate names, and film delegate photos

  • 1 page A4 portrait poster per submitted film with name of school, title of film, short synopsis, and credits


Please respond with any changes in this thread by Monday latest as we are already past our print deadline.

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