Greeting IASAS CC Art coaches,
It was great to see most of you at the Zoom meeting last week. We are super excited to be hosting CC Art this year. The three guests who will be giving workshops are all incredible artists and human beings with so much to offer. Your delegates will have direct live access to them during the convention.
Our team has worked hard to get everything you will need to prepare into one location. This Google Folder should be comprehensive. There is an FAQ document in there as well that we will add any questions you might have. Feel free to email us if there is anything that is not clear or not working.
You will find the following that we hope to have completed by October 1st:
1) A school folder where you will complete your spreadsheet for artwork and delegate information.
2) In the same school folder, you will upload all artists’ portraits and images of their artwork.
3) A folder for Alumni Videos as well as a guidelines document.
4) A folder for delegate team introduction pages to be included in the catalog
There is an important document included for naming conventions of all submissions. Please follow these exactly, as we will use a database for the website that will require the naming format to be accurate.
Please also have a look at the schedule for the convention. We hope you and your student artists are as excited as we are about what will be on offer.
Forward together in Art Education,
Basil, Trista and Andy

Basil Tahan
High School and Middle School Art Teacher