Online Safety for G9 Parents

Andy Vaughan

Recently we were made aware of an online anonymous site that has been set up for the class of 2026 called “ISB Gossip”. This site is on a social media platform called tellonym. We have seen sites like this in the past, which allow for members to post completely anonymous comments for other users. This site is reviewed by Common Sense Media and receives a “1-star rating”, which is the lowest rating possible, the site is reviewed by Common Sense as follows: “Anonymous messenger ripe for cyberbullying, hurt feelings”. 

This is not the kind of site we want to see our students choosing to use and we believe that the potential for this site to cause hurt or harm to our students is very real.

We have attempted on a daily basis to contact the company to remove the site, but they have been unresponsive. We have also been monitoring any use of the app on ISB connected devices and talking with any student who has accessed the site. There has been direct communication with the anonymous user of the site to cease the posts and to close the account. We are observing that students are primarily accessing the site on their personal device/phone.

As a school we will have a discussion around this situation in our G9 advisory class next week on Tuesday, but we ask for parental help if you have a grade nine child. Please ask them to open their phone and check if they have the app “tellonym”. If so, this would be a great conversation opportunity and we would encourage you to ask them to remove this from their device. 

We will continue to contact and work with the company behind this app to get the site removed and will also look to see if we can “Geo-Fence” the app from the area around school so that no access from any device is possible in this area.

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