Happy Holidays – ISB Update 16 December 2021

Dear ISB Community,

As the semester draws to a close, I am writing to thank you for all of your cooperation with respect to our COVID-19 safety protocols. We are very appreciative.

Although the first semester was a challenging one, we are grateful that we were able to return to on campus learning on 29th September. We are also very pleased that with the reduction of positive cases in Thailand we have been able to gradually move towards a more normal ISB experience through the provision of activities, athletics and the arts. We hope that we can continue down this road in the second semester if it is safe to do so.

Should the COVID-19 situation in Thailand allow, we will be updating our COVID-19 safety measures two weeks into the next semester to facilitate greater after school activity and athletics participation. We will communicate again in due course.

At the same time, we are monitoring the development of the Omicron variant, as well as the situation in Thailand, and will be in touch over the break should we have anything to report.

Returning to ISB after Winter Holidays (for those in a sandbox program)

The Nonthaburi Government has confirmed that any school children traveling abroad (to countries where a sandbox hotel on return to Thailand is required) must complete sandbox requirements before returning to school in January. This means that students cannot be in sandbox accommodation and attend school at the same time.

Please note that these sandbox / quarantine requirements are country specific – be sure to monitor and check Royal Thai Government directives as they are subject to change as the situation may change.  If your child will be unable to attend classes starting on January 10th due to quarantine requirements, please notify the divisional principal as soon as possible.

In anticipation of reopening on January 10, we will continue with our twice weekly ATK testing protocols.  There is no need for students to test with the ATK during the holiday.  Sunday, January 9, 2022 will be the next required ATK testing and online reporting window. 

Conclusion Comments

We wish you all a relaxing, enjoyable and safe holiday and look forward to seeing you all in January.

If anyone has questions, please reach out to any of us listed below.

All the best,


Andy Davies (Head of School) andrewd@isb.ac.th
Dhave Setabutr, M.D., (Director of Health Center) dhaves@isb.ac.th
Usa Somboon (Headmistress) usomboon@isb.ac.th
Mark Hevland (Director of Risk Management) markh@isb.ac.th
Debi Caskey (Deputy Head of School for Learning) debic@isb.ac.th
Marc de Vries (Deputy Head of School/CFO) marcd@isb.ac.th
Justin Alexander (HS Principal) justina@isb.ac.th
Dennis Harter (MS Principal) dennish@isb.ac.th
Michael Allen (ES Principal) michaela@isb.ac.th
John Leiner (Director of Admissions) johnl@isb.ac.th

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