New Online Registration for ISB Athletics & Panther Activities 

New Online Registration for ISB Athletics & Panther Activities 
OPENING, Thursday, August 6th

Welcome to CHQ, ISB’s new registration platform for Panther Activities and ISB Athletics. Many of you will be familiar with CHQ as we used it for Panther (ES) Explore sign ups last January, and again this summer with our Panther Activities camps. We’re now pleased to move to CHQ as our main Activities and Athletics registration platform.

Beginning at 12:00 noon on Thursday, August 6, registration will open for both Panther Activities and ISB Athletics programs in one place, for the first time. Think of it as one-stop-shopping for many of the things your kids love to do at ISB!


How to use CHQ

Step by step instructions for navigating CHQ can be found HERE. Once logged in to PowerSchool, press the CHQ button on the left side of your screen to find an account for each of your children. In each of their accounts, you will only be able to see the activities for that child’s age group and grade level. Where available, you may click the blue “i” to the right of each activity title for a description of that activity. You can change your preferences as many times as you like between noon August 6 and noon August 19, but once registration closes, you can not change or withdraw your selections, and no refunds will be given. Please be mindful to ensure the activities you choose are indeed those that your child wants to attend. 

Fees and Attendance

Please note that while most of the offerings listed in CHQ with “Panther” in the title are paid and open to both ISB students and students attending elsewhere, while those listed with “ISB” in the title have no participation fees and are open to ISB students only. For instance, Panther Soccer Academy, or League options on CHQ require a fee to participate but are open to all students PK2-G12 whether ISB or not, while ISB U11 Basketball is free, but only open to G3-G5 students currently enrolled at ISB. Payment, for those programs requiring a fee, is not expected until after the activities have been allocated following the close of registration on August 19.

Important Dates and Changes

Note that with new COVID-19 protocols in place some of the start dates for Panther Activities programs have been moved to the week of August 24-28 with the exception of Panther Dance assessments August 13-14, and Panther Swim evaluations August 17-20, both limited to G3-G12 students only. Fall ISB Varsity sport tryouts start August 13, with JV starting August 18, U13/U15 teams beginning August 19, and U11 on August 24. Panther Dance “Interest Only” sign up closes at 12:00 noon on August 12.

Panther Activities Fair

Want to know more about what’s on offer at ISB? Join us at the annual Panther Activities Fair scheduled in Rajendra Hall from 9:00am until 12:00 noon on Saturday, August 15, where you can meet the program reps, ask questions about the different activities, and register.

Make a morning of it by swinging by the annual ISB Booster Pancake Breakfast. We look forward to seeing your kids on campus soon, doing all of the things they love to do!

Please note that the Panther Activities Fair as well as the activities on offer will take into account the safety measures and physical distancing guidelines as set forth in ISB’s reopening plan.

Questions? For ISB Athletics, contact Chris Mott at, or Mark Jaspers at For Panther Activities, contact Anthony Giles or Lucas Rivera at


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