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Welcome to IASAS Basketball 2012!

It is with great pleasure that ISB is hosting the 30th anniversary of IASAS Basketball at ISB. This tournament has been one of the key sports of the IASAS organization since it’s inaugural year. Times have changed from Converse to Air Jordan’s to Nike Hyperdunks, along with this we have also seen the length of basketball shorts increase (thankfully) and even in the past year a fundamental change in the court which you will see in the extended 3 point line and new key hole.

As the game has evolved so has the way we host, from black and white photography and still shots to live streaming, tweeting and facebook updates. Everything is a little more instant these days. What we do hope is that in the action of the tournament you all still get to enjoy what remains the same… the connections we make with people and the feel that is known as the IASAS spirit.

For the second time in IASAS we will award the new ‘Spirit of IASAS Award’, this award going to those athletes, coaches or possibly even spectators who go that extra mile and in doing so show the spirit of these events. These moments are such that we wish to celebrate them as examples of what IASAS strives to be and in doing so we hope this motivates our athletes and coaches to display this spirit more.

We hope you enjoy the tournament, whether watching this from another IASAS school, in the stands at ISB or on the other side of the world as you catch the streaming that we broadcast across the globe. All the best to the athletes as they culminate their many hours of training, to the coaches who will have restless nights planning their approach for each day and to the parents who support your children at these events. To our own ISB Athletics crew, faculty and support team thanks for all your hard work that you put in to pull of these events and to our special Booster club… you are boom dynamite!!

Enjoy the action!

Andy Vaughan

Athletics Director