The Knowledge of Times and Tide



ISKL | Oil pastels & Color Pencils on Paper | 32.3 x 28.9 cm

Turtles symbolize longevity. “The Knowledge of Time and Tide” is an artwork about a knowledgeable sea turtle coming out from the sea to share his knowledge and information with a human. The huge difference between the turtle and man’s size is to emphasize the turtle’s longevity through its enormous size. The man’s hand gesture of touching the turtle’s face is to activate communication between the man and the turtle. The turtle’s wrinkled neck and the mossy huge backshell are the signs of his aging. However, his twinkling figure and appearance that still glow under his past countless years reveal his favor of telling the human what he has seen, heard, and experienced for many years. It might be consuming a lot of time but still advance steadily and calmly. It is our responsibility and wisdom that mankind should learn from them and not harm them, because we are a part of nature who have to coexist with nature.

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