Email #5

Dear IASAS Activities Directors,

Hope things are moving towards normalcy at each of your schools. Pending government approval, we hope to open our campus with a hybrid model as early as September 29th. Although grateful for the opportunity to see our students live again, the ISB team dedicated to the IASAS Art and Film CC will potentially be split from now through the hosting of the event in November. For our planning, and following the messages sent recently by our art and film teams respectively (see below), I am writing to ask for a status check on each school’s readiness to meet the October 1st soft deadline for delegate selection and all print materials. If at all possible, please check with your teams and get back to me with an update by Friday, September 24th. Thanks.

Hello again CC Art Coaches,
I hope this correspondence finds you happy and healthy.
Our preparations for this year’s CC Art are in full swing. We are making workshop videos, communicating with alumni, packing supplies to send to you, collecting artwork from students and preparing our delegates.
With only 10 days left before our first deadlines, we just wanted to touch base with you, and remind you that we are here for you if you have any questions or concerns.
The FAQ page has had a few additional questions and answers added to it, but anything else you need to know, just get in touch.
Here is a quick checklist of what we need from you by October 1st:
1) Names of the (up to 12) delegates added to your schools spreadsheet
2) Names and Portraits (up to 25) , Artwork, Artists’ Statements, Dimensions and digital images added to the spreadsheet and images folder.
3) A4 page highlighting your schools team in this folder
Sincerely ISB CC Art 2021 Team,
Basil, Trista and Andy
Hello, IASAS Film! 
 Our efforts are coming together to be able to bring you a great Film-centered IASAS program. There is no new news other than that, as we are soon to confirm all our guest speakers and session leaders in the next few days. This email is in lieu of a face-to-face meeting, so please feel free to reach out with any concerns and/or questions or even fun stories that you might have at this time. 
 Instead, we are continuing to see our student films emerge, from various stages of production. We anticipate with you the following: 
—> Sharing a full list of session titles, from the guest speaker panels to the jam sessions. Confirmed Delegates can register for the panels/sessions they prefer in the last week of September
—> Our “soft deadline” of October 1 for convention submissions is greatly appreciated, with October 8 being the final deadline for any submission material remaining by that time.   
—> The full range of submission material includes: 
—- —-> Delegate names (to your Activities Director/ to Anthony Giles) 
—- —-> Up to 12 min. of student films (links sent to me, Danny Wall) 
—- —-> for the IASAS booklet: one A4 display/poster of the delegates (school name, student names, photos)  (to Anthony Giles) 
—- —-> for the IASAS booklet: one A4 display/poster for each student film submission (school name, film title, short synopsis, credits) (to Anthony Giles) 
Take heart! Our theme of “jai” reminds us to be aware of how much of what we are is what we feel. I hope that we can affirm the young artists in our care, connect to each other over long distances, and allow time for what energizes and delights us. 
Danny Wall 
Anthony “Tony” Giles
Director of Arts & Activities
 ZOOM  +66 82 700 8903 
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