Art Email #8

Dear Coaches,
Ten-ish days to go!
We are super excited (albeit a bit anxious) about IASAS CC Art 2021!

It was great to see many of you on Zoom on Wednesday morning. It’s so valuable for us to understand where you are and clarify some of the finer details of the convention. If you weren’t able to make it, don’t worry. We’ll try to be comprehensive about what we discussed in this email.

First things first… again, apologies for asking you to provide a few extra items to make the workshops run smoothly. After previewing the workshops, we realized that we didn’t send you quite everything that you need. Please source the following before the workshops on Thursday, 11 Nov.:

Supplies: Necessary (in addition to Art Kits provided)
Electric kettles- each delegate will need 2L of boiling water at the same time, beginning of a workshop. Boiling water on a stove isn’t feasible.
Tub/basin – approx 30cm (12 in) diameter or rectangular (approx 30cm on each side) for each delegate (see reference images below) At least 3 inches deep. This will have boiling water poured into it.
Glazed ceramic tile – 20 cm (8 in) square, 4 /delegate
Selection of watercolor paint brushes

A few additional resources that would help, but are not essential, are listed in the FAQ’s.
As we previewed the workshops, we put together notes for coaches that may be helpful for you to read as you’re preparing your delegates for the workshops.

A couple of questions that came up on the Zoom call were around organizing your delegates during the four days of the convention. We have a comprehensive website for that. It has all times, Zoom links, resource links, videos, and additional information. We will share the link on Monday, 8 November.

Remember that we are updating the FAQ. The newest questions reside at the bottom. What are you wondering? Keep the questions coming.

Now for something exciting! We are NOW releasing the artists’ introduction videos and web pages highlighting their work for you and your delegates to enjoy. Please share this link with your delegates: Artist Welcome and Introduction videos.

We also mentioned in the Zoom that our original idea to view the Artist Interview Videos on Wednesday the 10th was based on the plan that the videos would each be 15 minutes. However, as we were making our cuts and edits, we realized we were removing incredibly insightful and creative perspectives. We have decided to release them in full on Friday, 5 November, so that you and the delegates will have the weekend, Monday, and Tuesday to view, contemplate, and discuss what the artists have to say. We will send the link on Friday, 5 November. ISB will use these videos as discussion starters as we meet with our delegates leading up to the start of the convention on Wednesday.

Important: As we have included some snacks with the bundle of art goodies, can you please help us ensure that there are no issues with allergies. We did not include nuts, but some items have seafood. Everything is remarkably processed.

Friday, 29 October
Artists’ Welcome and Introduction videos and web pages

Friday, 5 November
Artists’ Interview videos to be sent

Monday, 8 November
Full IASAS CC Art website to be sent

Wednesday, 10 November
16:00 See you on Zoom!
(This and all future Zoom links will be available on the website.)

Together in invigorating artistic experiences,
ISB CC Art Team
(Basil, Andy, Trista)

Trista Meisner (she/her)
Middle School Art Teacher

Tel: +66 2 963 5800 Web:
Loc: 39/7 Soi Nichada Thani, Samakee Road,
Amphur Pakkret, Nonthaburi 11120 Thailand

Enriching communities through the intellectual, humanitarian and creative
thoughts and actions of our learners

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