Homework Due Jan 31 / Feb 4 and 6 (IASAS Students – Feb 8th)

  1. Read the following pages in the textbook: 324 – 331, 338 – 345, 346 – 350, 361 – 365 (now we have reached the end of the war!).
  2. Review the outline of Civil War events on pages 8 – 13 in the Reading Packet (this time line runs as a side bar – at this time you are not asked to read the text but you may do so if you like).
  3. Review the information box titled “The Terrible Cost of the War” on the bottom of page 28 in Reading Packet.
  4. Read the Profiles of General Lee and General Grant (pages 78 – 79 in Reading Packet).


In class on Thursday you will be working to complete the Slavery Review Questions and the Civil War Review Questions (see questions below).  A hard copy of your responses to the Slavery Review questions is due in class on Monday, Feb 4.  The hard copy of your responses to the Civil War Review questions is due in class on Wednesday, Feb 6.  For IASAS students – these responses are due Friday, Feb 8.


Civil War Review Questions:

  1. What happened during the first battle of the Civil War?
  2. Why did Britain remain neutral during the Civil War? Why did each side expect Britain to support their cause?
  3. What led President Lincoln to issue the Emancipation Proclamation?  What was the reaction to the Emancipation Proclamation in the North and in the South?
  4. What was the experience of African-Americans fighting in the war?
  5. To what extent was the Battle of Gettysburg the battle that won the war?
  6. How did General Grant and General Sherman pursue a policy of total war against the Confederacy during the last two years of the war (1863- 1865)? (Hint – look in reading packet for additional information.)
  7. How did the war come to an end?  What is “historically” interesting about where the Confederate surrender took place?
  8. How did the Civil War change the United States? Consider political, economic, and social changes.

Homework Due Jan 25 / Jan 29 PLUS Class Calendar

  • Complete questions # 1 and 6 on the Slavery Review Questions worksheet.  Please start this as an electronic document that you will share with me LATER.  I will assign additional questions as we move through the Civil War unit.  
  • Also please read pages: 215 to top of 216, 222 – 223 (map), 248 – 253, 304 – 317.  Add notes from these textbook to your Slavery PPT.  In addition if you find information to answer any of the other questions on the Slavery Review worksheet you may want to answer those questions too.
  • You should also print the Civil War PPT and begin to add textbook notes too!
HOMEWORK DUE JAN 29 (Look for the reminder on our Class Blog Calendar)
  • FINAL VERSION of your Compare/Contrast Essay
  • You must submit your writing folder with the essay to get full credit
  • You will need to submit this essay to TurnItIn.com – I do not need a receipt however you must submit it before you give me the folder in class on Tuesday.
  • TurnItIn website:  https://turnitin.com/en_us/home
  • Class ID# 6025737
  • Password:  Corning

Please look at our class calendar on the home page for the Unit 6 Quiz dates – rather than having one large test we will have two smaller quizzes that will add up to one test grade.

Homework Due Jan 23 PLUS Resources for Slavery Review Questions /Future reading assignments

Homework Due Jan 23:

Read the textbooks pages list in Part 1 of the Unit 6 Outline.  In addition please review Slavery PPT and the following resources/websites – you will be working on the review questions in class on Wednesday and/or Friday:

Slavery and the Making of America – this is a PBS site with multiple pages so make sure you explore the whole site.

Slavery in the North – again multiple pages – be curious!

The Legacy of the African Slave Trade

Slavery by Another Name (NPR story about PBS documentary)

Understanding Slavery – Discovery Channel website

Discovery Channel – Slavery Videos (there are several)

Discovery Channel – Slavery Videos Part 2 (more videos – scroll down to see over 20 videos about slavery – each video is about a specific topic and run between one to three minutes in length).


Future Reading Assignments:

For those who want/need to work ahead – here are the textbook pages for the Civil War/Reconstruction reading assignment: 215 to top of 216, 222 – 223 (map), 248 – 253, 304 – 317, 318 – 323.  (Yes there is some overlap with the Slavery reading assignment.)


President Obama’s Second Inauguration – Websites, Videos and Trivia

Inauguration Trivia

Inauguration Day (BBC News)

President Obama 2008 Inauguration (Video)

NPR All These Inaugural Webpage

Unit 6: The Civil War

Welcome to Unit 6: The Civil War – this will be our most ambitious unit of the year.  There are many aspects of this most violent and bloody conflict in our nation’s history and we will try to examine more than the just the classical textbook angle.  Attached to this post are the two main Power Points for this unit as well as the Unit Outline and list of review questions.

Power Point Presentations:

Slavery Overview PPT

American CivilWar PPT

Unit 6 Overview/Review Questions: (more coming!)

Unit 6 Outline

Slavery Review Questions

Civil War Review Questions

Antietam Annotated Reading Questions



Homework Due Jan 21

Bring the final draft of your Colonization Compare and Contrast Essay (with your Writing Folder and all past drafts of the essay and outline) to class on Monday, Jan 21.  In addition, please make sure that you have completed the Research Project Planning Worksheet that was assigned to you in class today.

On Monday we will start the next unit – Civil War & Reconstruction.

History Research Project Planning Worksheet

Research Project Planning Worksheet

Summary of Ms. Jamgochian’s Presentation/Homework Due Jan 17

First remember that the High School Library Website is the one-stop shopping location for your research needs.  We have a link to the website in the “Research/Writing Resources” section in the right side bar of our blog.  Once you are on the main page look for the “Research” tab on the top of the page to take you to most of the resources you will need.

Here is a list of the websites/research suggestions:

  • Use Proquest eLibrary (found on the Research Page) – a good alternative to Wikipedia especially when you are trying to learn the basics about your topic.
  • NO STRAIGHT GOOGLE! Use Google Scholar or Sweet Search – both you can access from your browser (as well as from the Library Research Page).
  • Within the databases on the Research Page – consider using the History Research Center after you have done your basic research and want to start getting more detailed information.
  • Consider using a cloud based program like DIIGO to bookmark your sources – remember you can access these bookmarks from any computer/tablet/smart phone.
  • Try using an electronic note taking system – Noodle Tools has the best program I have used so far.  I also will talk about other note-taking systems in class on Thursday.
  • If you are trying to access the subscriber based research sites from home, remember the password for the Library page is “panthers” – with that you can get the passwords for the other sites.


HOMEWORK: Continue to use these research tools/sites to finalize your research topic and historical question.

Happy Holidays!

Congratulations you have completed the first semester of US History and I am happy to say that most of you have made amazing progress!  Please take a moment to reflect on where you were as a writer or reader of history at the beginning of this semester (reviewing past tests and homework assignments can give you a clue) and celebrate the achievements you have made.

When we return second semester we will be jumping into a new research project. We will meet Ms. Jamgochian in the Library on Tues, Jan 15th and Thurs, Jan 17th – do not come to our classroom – go directly to the Library on these dates.  I have given you the worksheets in class today.  Please remember to come up with a list of at least four ideas that you want to research and present to the class.  We will work on building effective power points and good presentation skills in February and presentations will start in March.

Also please remember to research your family’s immigrant experience – why did they come, how, where did they go, why, what were some of their experiences once they reached the US, what kind of occupations did they have in the Old World vs the US, etc?

Please have a fun but safe holiday – I look forward to seeing you all in 2013!

Khan Academy: US History Review Part 1 – Jamestown to the Civil War

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