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Homework Due August 24 (P7) / 25 (P1)

Read and take notes (motives, processes and effects/legacy of Spanish colonization of the Americas): “Why the world is the way it is” “In ‘1493’ Columbus Shaped a World To Be” “Conquest and Colonization” Textbook – review the pages you have already read for any additional examples Also create a works cited page for the first …

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Three Worlds Meet Powerpoint Presentation – Revised

Three-Worlds-Meet  (Revised version with hyperlinks to maps, documents, etc.) I have uploaded our Unit 1 PPT – you are NOT required to review it this weekend. You may print the slides and use them to take notes in class – or not, your choice.  For those students who were transferred to the new section and …

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Homework Due Aug 19

In your textbook, please read pgs 4-7, skim 8 – 10 (top of page), read 10 (bottom of page) to 31. Please remember that you DO NOT need to bring your textbook to class. Also, if you desire to, please ask your parents the questions from the pre-test you took today. Remember to bring that …

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1491 and 1492: Columbus Shaped a World to Be

 1491 Columbus

Treaty of Tordesillas (1494)


Florentine Codex c. 1575

Smallpox La Malinche Aztec Drummers

La Malinche

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Columbian Exchange

Columbian Exchange

Oldest City in North America?

List of Oldest Cities

African Kingdoms

Map 1 Map 2