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British Colonization of the Americas – Unit 2 Resources/Homework Due Sept 13

Please remember that the homework assignment is due on Sept 13 – I am giving you the assignment and Unit 2 resources just to help you plan ahead. Homework: read pages 42 – 54 in our textbook These two podcasts cover the same period – you may want to listen to these to reinforce your reading: …

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Homework Due Friday, Sept 7

Begin to review for our Unit 1 Test on Tuesday, Sept 11.  Also I have included the questions from today’s in-class small group work – you may want to review the information you received from your classmates and determine if you need to find additional information to answer these questions.  These are all possible questions …

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Homework Due Wed., Sept 5

Revise your Current Event response – please staple the original response to the back of your new version.  There is no need to print a new copy of your article.  Hard copy due at the beginning of class. Review the following pages in your textbook (this was an earlier homework assignment): 36 – 41. Answer …

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Homework Due Monday, Sept 3

The following items are due at the beginning of class: Current Event assignment – please remember to include a copy of the article.  You do not need to have your journal notebook by Monday but you will need to have one when you submit your September articles. Key Terms/Identifications – remember for each to write …

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In-Class: Power Points/Videos for Week of August 20

Ms. Beck will use these Power Point presentations in class.  Please remember you are welcome to print these if you would like – I would suggest choosing the print option that places 3 or 4 slides on a page.  Hope you have a great week! Guns, Germs and Steel Video – Episode 2 Motives/Process/Effects Colonization Review – …

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Homework Due Monday, Aug 20

In your textbook, read pages 8 – 25.

Homework Due Sept 1/2 – TEST DATES CHANGED!!

Respond to questions # 1-4 on the Application Worksheet and the Essential Questions listed on the Unit Overview.  These responses, in addition to your identifications, will be a good review for our Unit 1 Test. Please bring a hard copy to class. Unit 1 Test dates have been changed to: Sept 5 (P1) and Sept …

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Homework Due Aug 30 (P7)/ 31 (P4)

In textbook, review pages 20 – 41 in preparation for your Unit 1 Test. Continue to add information to your chart/notes about Spanish motives, process and effects/legacy of their colonization of the Americas. Remember Unit 1 Identifications also are due on this dates.

Unit 1 Test Dates / Identifications

Unit 1 Test Dates: Period 7 – September 1 Period 4 – September 2 The test will include identifications, short answer and one essay question. Unit 1 Identifications – due August 30/31.

Homework – Food Chart – Due Aug 26 (P7) / Aug 29 (P4)

Complete the food chart – please DO not Google or look for the answers.  Respond using the knowledge you already have – it will be more fun that way!