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Homework Due Jan 25 / Jan 29 PLUS Class Calendar

HOMEWORK DUE JAN 25 Complete questions # 1 and 6 on the Slavery Review Questions worksheet.  Please start this as an electronic document that you will share with me LATER.  I will assign additional questions as we move through the Civil War unit.   Also please read pages: 215 to top of 216, 222 – 223 …

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Homework Jan 27 – Feb 3: Research Paper / Civil War Reading Assignment

Slavery Paper Your homework for the next week will be to complete your slavery paper.  On Friday/Monday we will be watching a movie in class (you may bring a snack) – after the movie you will have the rest of the class period to work on the research paper. The FINAL DUE DATE FOR ALL …

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Slavery Lecture

Notes for my lecture on next Wednesday/Thursday – Slavery British North America.

Slavery Resources – More Sources – Research Paper

Resources Slavery in the North Limbo Spartacus Internet Encyclopedia (tons of primary and secondary documents) Modern Source Book – Slavery Slavery Websites 3 Africa Map Trans-Atlantic Slave Trade African-American Migration Experience Maroon Communities Maroon 1 Maroon 2 Maroon 3 Slavery and Racism Slavery and the Making of America (PBS) Africans in America History of Racism …

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Slavery Resources

Adam Smith’s Views on Slavery Slavery Fact Sheet Slave Trade Map 1650 – 1860 Slave Codes in the Colonies Africans in the British New World History of Slavery in American (video) Slavery in the North  Slavery and the Making of America (PBS website) RACE Website: Race in the United States (historical timelines) “Understanding Slavery” – …

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Slavery Research Papers – Return to Me

All Slavery Research Papers MUST be returned to me this week.  You may either bring it to class on Wed or Fri OR leave it in my HS mailbox on Tues or Thurs.  Thank you!

Slavery Research Papers – Rewrites

If you received a 84% or below on our slavery research paper you have the option of rewriting the paper for a higher mark (however no higher than 85%).  This is a one time opportunity for you to improve your work and increase your learning.  The deadline for rewrites is February 28th and you must …

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Homework Reminder: Due Feb 17

Read the Unit 7 textbook pages as assigned in the earlier post AND write a one paragraph reflection on the Slavery Research Project.  What have you learned about yourself as a researcher/writer?  What did you do well?  What needs to be improved?  Any “a-ha” moments? Anything you wished you could’ve done differently? All students must …

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Homework Due Jan 20th – All Classes

Just a friendly reminder that your final version of your Slavery Research Paper is due on THURSDAY, Jan 20th.  All outlines, drafts and notes are also due.  Only the final paper should be submitted to Also – PERIOD  5 ONLY – read pages 345 – 371 in your textbook.

Homework Week of November 29th

Quiz on Unit 5 and Slavery Section of Unit 6 on Wednesday, Dec 1st. Unit 5 Review Questions, Identifications and Slavery Questions due at the beginning of class on Dec 1st.  These will be your last homework grades of the semester. Second draft of Slavery Research Paper due at beginning of class Dec 3rd.  We …

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