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Electoral College Videos / Unit 3 Test Reminder

Reminder: Unit 3 Test on Thursday – Part 1 Identifications, Part 2 Connections and Part 3 Short Answer Response Here are the videos we watched in class (the third one I told you to watch on your own).  Feel free to share with your parents!

“Join or Die” – Homework for week of Oct 8

Here is the woodcut that we used in class today for the See-Think-Wonder Thinking Routine:   Homework for this week: there will be two sets of homework assignments depending if you are an IASAS Athlete or not.  All the assignments will be completed by all students but in a different order.  Please pay attention to …

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Road to Revolution PPT

Unit Three Power Point: Road To Revolution.  Please print a copy of the slides to use in class for note-taking.

Homework Week of Oct 1 – 8 PLUS Citation Information for Work Cited Page

Due October 3: Read pages 95 – 102 in our textbook Revise your Spanish/British colonization outline and include a Works Cited page – see information below about specific citation information Due Oct 8: Read pages 103 – 112 and 122 to 123 Watch “Declaration of Independence”  Please try to watch it twice and read along …

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Homework Due 14/15

Please study for the Unit 3 Test (P7 – Nov 14 / P4 – Nov 15).  Early release has been cancelled for Nov 15 for the test will take the entire period.  Here is the format of the test: Part 1: Identifications – 4 – 2 pts each – 8 pts total Part 2: Connections …

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Homework Due Nov 10/11

Any pending eLearning assignments MUST be completed by class on Thursday/Friday.  Please check PowerSchool to see if you have a missing assignment. If you have not already done so, please move all the Google Docs that you created during our eLearning week into your Drop Box. If you have not completed the outline, please do …

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Textbook Readings

For those of you who DO NOT have your textbook, I have scanned the pages that I assigned in the earlier posts.  Check the tab above that is titled “READINGS” and they are all listed as PDF files.

Day 5/6 (Nov 2 and 3) – “Declaration of Independence”

Good morning!  Hopefully by now we are all getting the hang of the digital classroom.  Today’s lesson will focus on the Declaration of Independence.  I really enjoy teaching this lesson so it saddens me that we are not together today. First, read pages 109 – 112 in your textbook – if you don’t have your …

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Day 3/4 (Oct 31/Nov 1) Assignment – “Causes of the American Revolutionary War”

Good morning!  Today’s lesson will focus on the “Causes of the American Revolutionary War” – by the end of your work in this “class” you will have made an chart/outline of the causes (with dates and names of significant individuals).  Please create this chart/outline as a Google Doc and share it with me by 6 …

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U.S. History Assignments – week of Oct 31 – Nov 4

You will find a separate posting for each day’s class – three in total: Day 3/4 , Day 5/6 and Day 7/8.  The hope is that we will be back in our classrooms on November 7 so the P4 class will be doing Day 8’s work with me. For each class you will have an …

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