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U.S. History Show and Tell: Opium Weights

Thank you Brandon for sharing the counter-weights used in measuring out opium.  These weights were used during the opium trade era in China.  What a very cool reminder of the Open Door Policy era.    

President Obama’s Second Inauguration – Websites, Videos and Trivia

Inauguration Trivia Inauguration Day (BBC News) President Obama 2008 Inauguration (Video) NPR All These Inaugural Webpage

First Homework Assignment – Due Thursday, August 16

Read Why Are There 100 Cents in the U.S. Dollar? Have you ever thought about who or how are monetary system was developed?  There are many different types of history – as we study United States History please be curious about all the small historical events that were occurring along with the more significant events …

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An All-American Treat: Bubble Gum

Since you were all so curious about how bubble gum is made, I have attached the link here for you to watch. Enjoy!

Why Summer Vacation

Summer Vacation

Sing Out, Mr. President

Sing Out, Mr. President A quirky webpage of famous presidential quotes set to music.

Quirky History #3 – Rum

History of Rum

Quirky History #2 – Snuff

Several of you have asked me about snuff – click on the link below. History of Snuff

Quirky History # 1 – Soft Drinks

Soda Pop Cola?