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Unit 8: Progressive Era Presentations – Schedule and Assignment – REVISED Period 4 Names Added

Women’s Suffrage: Period 7 – Marinda and Arianna; Period 4 – Ryan and Cat Race Issues: Period 7 – Jay and Matthew P.; Period 4 – Tyler, Jonnie and Mina Labor Reform: Period 7 – Fiona and Shayne; Period 4 – Anavi, Jessy and Makoto Prohibition: Period 7 – Ian and Matt R.; Period 4 …

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New Unit: Progressive Era and American Imperialism

New week, new unit – Progressive Era and American Imperialism. This will not be a long unit and will finally move us into the 20th Century (hurrah!).  You will be responsible (in teams of two or three) for presenting some of the content (ie PowerPoint) so be prepared to choose from the list below: Women’s …

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Homework – Second Semester Research Project Preparation – Due March 12/13

Our research project for second semester is a power point presentation.  You will need to choose three potential topics for your presentation.  It may be a person, event, movement, war, etc. – in the past topics have included: the War on Drugs, the Dust Bowl, the polio vaccine, Margaret Sanger, the March on Washington, etc. …

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Reconstruction Resources / Homework Due March 8/9

Homework: Due March 8/9 – choose two questions from the list below and respond to each in a full paragraph (ie total of two paragraphs).  Bring a hard copy of your assignment to class Thurs/Friday. Give a brief summary of the historical context that Lincoln faced as he prepared his second inaugural address. Is Jefferson …

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Homework Due March 5/6

We are moving into the last part of Unit 6 – Reconstruction – how should the United States rebuild its union and which political group should be in charged of the process?  Read the following section in your textbook – pages 374 – 403.  Yes, it is long and chunky – I would suggest looking …

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1.) As of MARCH 1ST – you will NO LONGER use Google Drop Box to submit your homework or any other written assignment.  The great social experiment has come to an end and I am not satisfied with how this digital system functioned for our class.  So any future assignments must be submitted to me …

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In-Class Work/Homework Due Feb 28/29

Please answer the Civil War Review Questions and upload your work to our Google Docs Folder.  In addition please bring a hard copy to class on Tuesday/Wednesday for our small group discussion. These questions are a good review for the summative assessment scheduled for March 1/2.

Reminder: Homework Due Feb 24/27 plus Reading Assignments

Just a reminder that your identifications are due on Feb 24/27 uploaded to our Google Docs Folder. In addition please make sure that you have read the following pages by Feb 24/27: 347 – 350, 351 – 354 (top), skim pages 357 – 360, 361 – 365 By Feb 28/29 have the following pages read: …

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Unit 6 Quiz – March 1/2

We will have a quiz on Unit 6 on March 1/2.  This quiz will cover the vocabulary/key concepts for this unit and include a section of multiple choice questions.  There will be NO short-answer or extended writing sections on this quiz.  We will do a longer written assessment at the close of the unit.

Just War Theory

A Just War should be waged: Only as a last resort. By the legitimate government/authority of a nation In response to some “wrong” committed against your nation by the other side. With a reasonable chance of success. To establish a more perfect state of peace than the conditions that existed prior to the war. Using …

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