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Homework Due Monday, Aug 20

In your textbook, read pages 8 – 25.

Civil Rights Movement – our last Unit (really a mini-unit)

Please read Chapter 29, pages 906 – 929 – this is due by Wed/Thurs.  By Friday/Monday please complete the following identifications/questions: Page 913 – # 1 (ALL ), 3 and 4 Page 922 – # 1 (NOT – James Meredith, Fannie Lou Hammer) and 3 Page 929 – #1 (NOT – Stokely Carmichael, Kerner Commission …

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Homework Due May 11/14

The following assignment is actually in-class work on May 9 and 10 -any work not completed in class should be completed as homework.  Please remember we have a Great Depression/World War II summative assessment on May 14/15.  Study the Great Depression Power Point and textbook questions AND the WWII Student Power Point you made and …

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Homework Due April 26/27

Bring a hard copy of the outline of your presentation to class.  I do not expect your outline to contain all the information that you will have in your Power Point slides however I want to see how you are planning on structuring your presentation, ie how you are getting from your learning objectives to …

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Homework Due April 5/6

Complete any revisions to your Research Project Planning Worksheet and bring HARD COPY to class. Begin to do some serious research on your topic.  The first presentation will be on April 30th and I will assign the presentation order based on priority:  IB Diploma candidates and IB Certificate Candidates have priority due to their test …

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Unit 8 Review Questions

Imperialism Progressivism Period 7 Questions Unit 8 Review Questions – Period 4

Homework Due March 28/29 and March 30/April 2

March 28/29:  One page typed reflection on your Progressive Movement PPT – you need to include the following items: What did you do well within the PPT and why? What you could improve? Be specific and tell me why it needs to be improved and how you would make these improvements. What did you like …

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REVISED: Homework Due Week of March 26/27

THE IDENTIFICATIONS ARE NOW DUE MARCH 30/APRIL 2 – see next post. Work on finding resources for your Second Semester Research Project – make sure you remember to think about the “CABU” evaluation process as you choose your sources. Complete IDS for Unit 8 (click HERE) .

Homework Due March 22/23

It is time to begin work on our second semester research project.  Complete the Research Project Worksheet and bring a HARD COPY to class.

Homework – Due March 20/21

Your homework assignment continues to be working on your Power Point slides.  Remember you must send me this by 7 am on March 20/21.