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Homework Nov 28 – Dec 11/ Unit 5 Identifications – REVISED

Here are all the homework assignments from now until the end of the semester – please note that the due date for the Current Events is flexible – you can give it to me anytime between Nov 30 and Dec 7. Nov 28 and 30 – work on first draft of your essay – a …

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Homework Due Nov 26 – Two Parts

Review for map quiz – you need to be able to label each state and identify the following geographic features: Columbia R Great Salt Lake Colorado River Rio Grande Missouri R Platte R Mississippi R The 5 Great Lakes (label each one) Ohio R Hudson R Potomac R Boston Harbor Chesapeake Bay Gulf Of Mexico …

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Homework Due Nov 22

Please check the earlier post in which I listed the homework for Nov 20 and 22 – I have revised the post to include the instructions for your second map exercise.  Please remember to use the colored map I gave you in class last week.

REVISED: Homework Due November 20th and 22nd – MAP QUIZ Nov 26

Due November 20: Complete Historical Map Exercise Read the excerpt from Habits of Empire – annotate looking for the thesis, bias and new knowledge   Due November 22: Current map of the US (with all the details as listed on the Map Exercise – United States of America worksheet). Two more body paragraphs for your essay – …

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Homework Due November 16

Write the second body paragraph – bring a HARD COPY to class plus all the other documents for this essay (first and second draft and your homework from today).

Unit 5 Resources – Homework Due Wednesday, Nov 14

Unit 5 Outline Westward Expansion Immigration PPT Indian Removal 19th Century PPT   Homework:  Depending on my previous instructions to you, either you need to write a complete first draft of your essay OR write the first draft of your introduction and first body paragraph.  HARD COPY and electronic copies are due at the beginning …

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Homework Due Friday, Nov 2 AND Tuesday, Nov 6 (plus a little extra for those you want to work ahead)

Due Friday, Nov. 2: Read Articles 1 – 4 of the United States Constitution.  If you would rather listen to it click here for an audio version! You may also read the remaining Articles but you will have time in class on Friday to review these.   Due Tuesday, Nov 6: Read the Bill of …

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Homework Due Wednesday, Oct 31 + Reminder about October’s Current Event assignment

Once it became clear that the Articles of Confederation were not sufficient to govern the former colonies, delegates from 12 of the 13 colonies (Rhode Island did not come) met in Philadelphia in May of 1787 to discuss the problems facing the republic.  George Washington was elected president of the convention.  Within days it became …

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Electoral College Videos / Unit 3 Test Reminder

Reminder: Unit 3 Test on Thursday – Part 1 Identifications, Part 2 Connections and Part 3 Short Answer Response Here are the videos we watched in class (the third one I told you to watch on your own).  Feel free to share with your parents!

Writer’s Workshop – In Class October 12

We will have the entire class on Friday to work on the first draft of the compare/contrast essay.  Please bring all the hard copies of your outline and an electronic copy too.  I have reserved computers from your use but please feel free to bring your own computer.