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Homework – Due April 5

Complete the Dust Bowl questions and bring a hard copy to class.  In addition please complete the reading for the Great Depression – pages 721 – 725 in your textbook and answer questions 1, 2 and 4. Change to our test date and format – we will have an open book writing assessment in class …

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Homework and In-class Assignment (Wed, April 3) – DUST BOWL

  Your homework assignment is to review the questions you will answer in a small group format IN CLASS on Wednesday.  Also you should review ALL the websites/sources so you are familiar with what they contain.  There will some additional questions/assignments once you get to class.   DUST BOWL Learning Objectives: List problems ordinary Americans …

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Homework Due – Monday, April 1 (No Joking!)

Ok, it is time to have that homework talk.  First please allow me to remind you that homework benefits YOU and not me.  I already know this stuff – homework is to help you process the information we are learning in class.  Those students who are doing very well in class are those who always …

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Unit 10: Great Depression and the New Deal – Outline, PPT and Essential Questions

Yes, we are skipping Unit 9 which covers WWI and the Jazz Age (thanks seniors!) and moving right into the cheerful topic of the Great Depression.  Outline, PPT and Essential Questions are below.  Homework is to print all of these documents plus read the following pages in your textbook: pages 669 – 683.  Also answer …

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LAST QUIZ (until our Exam!) Plus a Note for P4

Our last quiz will be on May 14/15 and cover the Great Depression and World War II.  It will be a short quiz with multiple choice and short answer.  Focus your attention on the key terms and identifications as well as the textbook questions you have answered as homework. Period 4 Students – please remember …

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Homework Due April 30/May 1

Please respond to the following questions in your textbook – hard copy due at the beginning of class: Page 677 – Q# 1 and 4 Page 683 – Q# 4 and 5 Page 700 – Q# 2, 3 and 5 Page 707 – Q# 3 NOTE: Period 7 Students – here is the link to …

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New Units: 9 and 10 (World War 1 and the Great Depression)

We will study units 9 and 10 as one larger unit and have one assessment for both.  Here are the outlines and the PPTs: Unit 9 Outline Unit 10 Outline World War I PPT Great Depression PPT

Unit 9 and 10 Quiz on Tuesday

Just finished typing the quiz – 25 multiple choice drawn from the Identifications/Key Concepts and the Power Point presentations.

Unit 10 Essential Questions

Why beliefs or assumptions led to Hoover’s failure to adequately deal with the deteriorating economic situation during his years as President? Discuss how the decade of the 20s paved the way for the collapse of the American economy in the decade of the 30s. It has been said that the Depression changed forever the relationship …

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Great Depression/New Deal PPT

Great Depression PPT