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Greater Good vs Individual Rights

More Politics: You Tube Political Videos – OPTIONAL (i.e., you don’t have to)

Here are two political videos that are getting a lot of play on You Tube and other internet outlets.  If you hear of a video or campaign ad and want to share it with the rest of the class, please let me know and/or send me the link.  All political campaigns have a note of …

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FYI: Political Cartoons, Presidential Debates and the Electoral Map

Here are the links to the items we looked at in class today – please share with your parents! Examples of Political Cartoons The 2012 Presidential Debate Schedule The Electoral Map

Homework Due Monday, Sept 3

The following items are due at the beginning of class: Current Event assignment – please remember to include a copy of the article.  You do not need to have your journal notebook by Monday but you will need to have one when you submit your September articles. Key Terms/Identifications – remember for each to write …

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Homework Due April 26/27

Bring a hard copy of the outline of your presentation to class.  I do not expect your outline to contain all the information that you will have in your Power Point slides however I want to see how you are planning on structuring your presentation, ie how you are getting from your learning objectives to …

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Supreme Court and Health Care Debate

Here is a great overview of who is involved in the Supreme Court case this week (thanks Jay!)  

Reminder – Current Events

If you have already turned in a set (meaning two articles and responses) for Oct/Nov you are fine – if not then the last current event assignment is due by this Friday, Dec 2.  All grades will be posted by this date.

NPR Podcast: Trust in America

Please listen to this story and reflect upon what you do or do not trust.  What do you expect from your adult life as a US citizen or as a citizen of your home country?  What does success mean to you? Trust in America  

Current Events – Period 1 ONLY

Current Event journal entry due Sept 1 – please remember to bring both the original article and your response (hard copy!)

Homework Week April 4 – 7 / In Library April 4

Bring a hard copy of your REVISED Research Project Planning Worksheet to class on April 4. Check Note-taking Worksheets on April 7. Current Events – you are responsible for 3 articles – due either April 4 or April 7 (your choice). Reading assignment due April 7 – textbook Chap 19, pages 578 – 579, 583 …

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