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Homework Week of Oct 1 – 8 PLUS Citation Information for Work Cited Page

Due October 3: Read pages 95 – 102 in our textbook Revise your Spanish/British colonization outline and include a Works Cited page – see information below about specific citation information Due Oct 8: Read pages 103 – 112 and 122 to 123 Watch “Declaration of Independence”  Please try to watch it twice and read along …

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MLA Outline Exemplar

Here is an example of a MLA formatted outline created by Mina Edwards who was in my US History class last year.  She was working on the Slavery Research Project but the format is still the same.  Mina wrote the full introductory paragraph but you only need to outline yours.  Please remember to include a …

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REVISED: Homework Due Tuesday, Sept 25th/ Thursday Sept 27/October 1st

Due Tuesday, Sept 25th: Read and annotate “Massacre at Mystic” using the handout about Point of View as a reference.  Be prepared to discuss what happened, the events that caused the Massacre and the consequences after the event.  In addition follow the steps on the Point of View (POV) Handout to identify the POV in …

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Homework Due Wednesday, Sept 19

Complete the questions about the New England colonies – Plymouth Colony Self-Directed Learning Questions.  Type “New England Resources” into the white search box at the top of our blog to find the websites to help you answer these questions (remember you may also use the textbook, other readings I gave you and the power point). …

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Jamestown – Self-Directed Study – Homework Due Mon, Sept 17

Please complete questions 1 – 5 on the worksheet – Jamestown Self-Directed Learning Questions.  Bring a hard copy to class to discuss with a partner PLUS bring an electronic copy (email to yourself/flash drive/Google Docs) you can open and add to during the lesson.  Use the resources found in the “Jamestown Resources” blog post.  To find …

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British Colonization of the Americas – Unit 2 Resources/Homework Due Sept 13

Please remember that the homework assignment is due on Sept 13 – I am giving you the assignment and Unit 2 resources just to help you plan ahead. Homework: read pages 42 – 54 in our textbook These two podcasts cover the same period – you may want to listen to these to reinforce your reading: …

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In-Class Essay – Format Reminder

I have been emailing a few of your classmates this afternoon/evening – I want to repeat very clearly the instructions for this essay: One piece of paper with the following information ONLY: Thesis sentence Topic sentences (three) Supporting evidence – in the form of DIRECT QUOTES only – no paraphrasing – and you must include …

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New Category – Power Point Presentations

To make it easier to find the Power Point Presentations I use in class, I have created a new category for these.  So if you scroll down on the left side of our blog where the Categories are listed you should see a new listing for Power Point Presentations.  Hope this is helpful as you …

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In-Class Essay – Oct 11/ 12 – REVISED

On Oct 7 and 10 you will have your Unit 2 Quiz (16 points multiple choice and 24 points short answer).  The following class period you will write an in-class essay (computers will be provided but you may hand-write your essay if desired).  The question you will address is: To what extent was the British …

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U.S. History Timeline

United History Timeline – great resource as you study for the quiz and prepare for the in-class essay.