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Book Return/Clearance Forms

You may return books and have forms signed on following days and times: June 3 – 8 to 9:30 and 12:30 to 3:30 June 4 – 11:00 to 2:15 June 6 – all day during periods 2,4 and 6 – you may come in during my classes! See you then!

OPVL – Semester Exam Review

We will be working on OPVL as part of our semester exam review.  Here is the link to a description of the process – OPVL.  We used this process during the Civil War and Reconstruction units to look at cartoons and speeches.  You will have a section on the semester exam in which you will …

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Race in America

Another story in NPR’s series about race in America: “Checking More Than One Box”

Second Semester Exam – Review, Suggestions, Questions

General Exam Review Comments You will have a choice of essay questions on the final exam.  These questions will be comprehensive, i.e., looking at themes we studied throughout the semester, rather than smaller, more unit focused essays.  The following themes will be assessed: immigration, imperialism, civil rights and reform movements. Areas not covered: WWI and …

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Second Semester Research Project Presentation Dates

ALL SENIORS will present their second semester research project PPTs on May 10. Any senior not present that day will need to return to school on May 14 (and you really don’t want to do that!) The rest of us will begin presentations on May 14th – all PPTs must be submitted to me by …

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Assessment Questions

It has been said that the Depression changed forever the relationship between the American people and the government of the United States. How and in what ways is this true? What impact did the Dust Bowl have on the American economy and society? What efforts were made by the Federal government to address these problems? …

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NPR Story: The Race Card

When You’re Mixed Race, One Box is Not Enough Six Words: Ask Who I Am, Not What  

SENIORS – Second Semester Presentation Date – May 10 (Friday)

Dear Seniors, Well, the new exam schedule is certainly a challenge for a class like ours.  Luckily one date stood out – May 10th! Yes, your last day in high school witll culminate with your PowerPoint Presentation.  Trust me, this date is not my first choice but I think you will come to see why …

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Unit 8 Imperialism Quiz changed to Tuesday, March 26th

Due to the assembly today, our quiz on Friday has been moved to Tuesday, March 26th.  Identifications are also due that day.  Please listen again to the NPR story about the issue of independence vs. the greater good.  We will discuss this at the beginning of the next class – what is your world view? …

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Homework Due Jan 23 PLUS Resources for Slavery Review Questions /Future reading assignments

Homework Due Jan 23: Read the textbooks pages list in Part 1 of the Unit 6 Outline.  In addition please review Slavery PPT and the following resources/websites – you will be working on the review questions in class on Wednesday and/or Friday: Slavery and the Making of America – this is a PBS site with multiple …

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